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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Supporting Collaborative Problem Solving in a Game-Based Learning EnvironmentSaleh, Asmalina; Chen, Yuxin; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Glazewski, Krista; Mott, Bradford; Taylor, Robert; Rowe, Jonathan; Lester, James
2019-06Project Bloks: Embodied and Collaborative Learning With Tangible Interfaces for Young ChildrenLin, Veronica; Blikstein, Paulo
2019-06The Power of Network Analysis Tool for Collaborative LearningBae, Haesol; Craig, Kalani; Danish, Joshua; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Szostalo, Maksymilian; McCranie, Ann
2019-06Mission HydroSci: Meeting Learning Standards Through GameplayLaffey, James; Griffin, Joseph; Sigoloff, Justin; Sadler, Troy; Goggins, Sean; Womack, Andrew; Wulff, Eric; Lander, Sean
2019-06FROG, A Tool to Author and Run Orchestration Graphs: Affordances and TensionsHåklev, Stian; Faucon, Louis; Olsen, Jennifer; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2019-06Lines We Trace: Comparing Data Displays to Support Youth SailingChapman, Katherine; Shapiro, Ben Rydal
2019-06Synergy: An Online Platform for Dialogic Peer Feedback at ScaleEr, Erkan; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Gasevic, Dragan
2019-06ElectroVR: An Electrostatic Playground for Collaborative, Simulation-Based Exploratory Learning in Immersive Virtual RealityGreenwald, Scott W.; Corning, Wiley; McDowell, Gavin; Maes, Pattie; Belcher, John
2019-06The CUBE: A Tangible for Embodied Learning, Balanced Engagement, and Classroom OrchestrationPapadopoulos, Pantelis M.
2019-06Bridging Concepts as Intermediary Knowledge in Design: Productive Dialogues and the Talkwall Microblogging ToolSmørdal, Ole; Rasmussen, Ingvill
2019-06Toccata: A Multi-Device System for Activity Scripting and Classroom OrchestrationLachand, Valentin; Tabard, Aurélien; Michel, Christine
2019-06Computational Action in App Inventor: Developing Theoretical and Technological Frameworks for Collaboration and EmpowermentTissenbaum, Mike; Sheldon, Josh
2019-06RoomCast: Distributing Digital Resources in the Classroom of ThingsMoher, Tom; Gnoli, Alessandro
2019-06Understanding Teachers’ Collaboration for Designing Technology-Enhanced LearningWang, Chunli; Gu, Xiaoqing
2019-06Negotiation of Epistemic Territories and Collaborative Learning in Workplace Interactions: The Case of Requests for AssistanceMarkaki-Lothe, Vasiliki; Filliettaz, Laurent
2019-06Tools to Facilitate Teacher and Student Collaboration in AssessmentThompson, Kate; Kanasa, Harry; Chapman, Susan
2019-06Knowledge Building, Robotics, and Math EducationKhanlari, Ahmad; Scardamalia, Marlene
2019-06Microblogging for Joint Construction of Meaning in the ClassroomDolonen, Jan Arild; Rasmussen, Ingvill; Ludvigsen, Sten
2019-06Gaming the Schoolyard: Promoting High School Students’ Collaborative Learning Through Geolocative Mobile Game DesignPerry, Judy
2019-06Designing Learning Analytics for Teacher Learning: An Analytics-Supported Teacher Professional Development (ASTPD) ApproachChen, Gaowei; Chan, Kennedy; Chan, Carol; Yu, Jinjian; Liru, Hu; Wu, Jiajun; Resnick, Lauren
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 215