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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Facilitate Scaffolding of Student-Led, Collaborative Learning Outside of the ClassroomRutherford, Stephen M.; Moorcroft, Amber M.; Amici-Dargan, Sheila L.
2018-07Domain-General Metacognitive Instruction Reduces Productive Learning Behaviors and Performance?Davis, Darrel; Richey, J. Elizabeth; Zepeda, Cristina D.
2018-07Skyscraper Games: Designing Professional Development for Middle School Teachers to Promote Computational Thinking Using Custom ToolsDuvall, Matthew; Lee, Frank J; Smith, Brian
2018-07Investigating Third Grade Students' Collaboration in Project-Based Learning to Inform Curriculum DesignEasley, Kathleen M.; Fitzgerald, Miranda S; Palincsar, Annemarie Palincsar
2018-07Examining Productive Discourse and Knowledge Advancement in a Knowledge Building CommunityTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol; van Aalst, Jan
2018-07Authentic to Whom and What? The Role of Authenticity in Project-Based Learning in English Language ArtsPolman, Joseph L; Stamatis, Kristina; Boardman, Alison; Garcia, Antero
2018-07How groups regulate their learning: The influence of achievement goals on self-, co- and shared regulation strategiesGreisel, Martin; Melzner, Nadine; Kollar, Ingo; Dresel, Markus
2018-07A New Facet: Building Multifaceted Engineering IdentityJames, Jordan O.; Svihla, Vanessa; Qiu, Chen; Datye, Abhaya K
2018-07The Difference that Counts: Guiding Knowledge Exchange by Visualizing Levels of Co-Learners’ KnowledgeErkens, Melanie; Schneitzer, Malin Kimberley; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07Playing Well with Others: An Ethnographic Examination of a Cross-Disciplinary Science-Theatre CollaborationSuchow, Ariella Flora
2018-07Computation, Constructivism, and Curriculum DesignDoroudi, Shayan
2018-07Renovating Assessment for the Future: Design-Based Implementation Research for a Learning-in-Class Monitoring System Based on the Learning SciencesShirouzu, Hajime; Saito, Moegi; Iikubo, Shinya; Nakayama, Takahiro; Hori, Kimihiko
2018-07Creating a Visual Representation of Expert Strategies to Inform the Design of Digital Tools for Citizen ScienceRoberts, Jessica; Crowley, Kevin; Louw, Marti
2018-07Measuring Students Epistemic Understanding of, and Beliefs About, Political MediaStoddard, Jeremy; Chen, Jason
2018-07Transporting Knowledge: A Case Study of Meaning Making on the Pathways of Science CommunicationDavis, Pryce
2018-07Multimodal Engineering Design Notebooks and Meta-Representational CompetenceWendell, Kristen; Andrews, Chelsea J; Paugh, Patricia
2018-07Europa Universalis IV the Grandest LAN Party: A case studyMoy, Magdalene
2018-07Concrete Definition of Beneficial Collaborative DialoguesChi, Michelene T. H.
2018-07When is it safe enough? Considering Diversity and Equity When Brokering Pre-Professional Opportunities to Youth of ColorSanto, Rafi; Ching, Dixie; Levenson, Eda; White, Geneva; Cordero, Mikey; Peppler, Kylie A; Hoadley, Christoper
2018-07The Assessment of Digital Reading Skills with Cognitive Diagnose for the Reading Achievement Test in ChinaLiu, yan; Fu, Chuxin; Gu, Xiaoqing Gu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 446