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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Cross-disciplinary practice in engineering contexts - a developmental phenomenographical perspectiveAdams, Robin; Forin, Tiago; Srinivasan, Saranya; Mann, Llewellyn
2010-06Getting Others' Perspectives: A Case Study of Creative Writing Environments and MentorshipMagnifico, Alecia Marie
2010-06Science Learning as the Objectification of DiscourseOtero, Valerie
2010-06Playing with Food: Moving from Interests and Goals into Scientifically Meaningful ExperiencesClegg, Tamara; Gardner, Christina; Kolodner, Janet
2010-06Micros and Me: Leveraging home and community practices in formal science instructionTzou, Carrie; Bell, Philip
2010-06Made by Hand: Gestural Practices for the Building of Complex Concepts in Face-to-Face, One-on-One Learning ArrangementsScopelitis, Stephanie; Mehus, Siri; Stevens, Reed
2010-06Promoting Learning in Complex Systems: Effect of Question Prompts versus System Dynamics Model Progressions as a Cognitive-Regulation Scaffold in a Simulation-Based Inquiry-Learning EnvironmentEseryel, Deniz; Law, Victor
2010-06Interactional Arrangements for Learning about Science in Early Childhood: A Case Study Across Preschool and Home ContextsMehus, Siri; Stevens, Reed; Grigholm, Linda
2010-06Listen to each other: How the building of norms in an elementary science classroom fosters participation and argumentationRyu, Suna; Sandoval, William
2010-06Fostering meaningful scientific argumentation practices through ongoing classroom interactionsTang, Xiaowei; Coffey, Janet
2010-06Knowledge Transmission and Engineering TeachingZhang, Sili; Cardella, Monica
2010-06Talking with your mouth full: The role of a mediating tool in shaping collective positioningAnderson, Kate; Gresalfi, Melissa
2010-06Conceptual Change and Epistemic Growth Through Reflective Assessment in Computer-Supported Knowledge BuildingChan, Carol KK; Lam, IvanCK
2010-06Seeing Algebraic Thinking in the Classroom: A Study of Teachers' Conceptualizations of AlgebraWalkoe, Janet
2010-06Software-Based Scaffolding: Supporting the Development of Knowledge Building Discourse in Online CoursesFujita, Nobuko; Teplovs, Christopher
2010-06Using Digital Video to Investigate Teachers' In-the-Moment NoticingSherin, Bruce; Sherin, Miriam; Colestock, Adam; Russ, Rosemary; Luna, Melissa; Mulligan, Martha; Walkoe, Janet; Hall, Rogers
2010-06Dynamics of disciplinary understandings and practices of attending to student thinking in elementary teacher educationCoffey, Janet; Edwards, Ann; Finkelstein, Carla
2010-06A critique of how learning progressions research conceptualizes sophistication and progressSikorski, Tiffany-Rose; Hammer, David
2010-06Comparing Pedagogical Approaches for the Acquisition and Long-Term Robustness of the Control of Variables StrategyPedro, Michael Sao; Gobert, Janice; Raziuddin, Juelaila
2010-06Sequential Effects of High and Low Guidance on Children's Early Science LearningMatlen, Bryan; Klahr, David
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 291