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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Teacher-Education Students' Beliefs in Science Teaching in a Knowledge Building EnvironmentChang, Chih-Hsuan; Hong, Huang-Yao
2012-07Iterative Technology-based Design with Deaf/Hard of Hearing Populations: Working with Teachers to Build a Better Educational GameShelton, Brett; Parlin, Mary Ann; Scoresby, Jon; Jump, Vonda; Pagliaro, Claudia
2012-07Integrating Insights from Critical Race and Queer Theories with Cultural-Historical Learning TheoryEsmonde, Indigo; Takeuchi, Miwa; Dookie, Lesley
2012-07The Role of Technologies in Facilitating Collaborative EngagementSinha, Suparna; Adams, Karlyn; Rogat, Toni Kempler-; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy
2012-07Synthesizing Quantitative Predictors for Interaction in an Asynchronous Online CourseZingaro, Daniel; Oztok, Murat; Hewitt, Jim
2012-07Engines of Representation: Processing Raw Student Data into Useable Student InformationRhodes, Suzanne; Richard, Halverson
2012-07Improving Students' Scientific Reasoning Skills via Virtual Experiments and Worked ExamplesLiu, Shiyu; Varma, Keisha
2012-07Adolescent Profiles of Knowledge And Epistemic Beliefs in the Context of Reading Multiple TextsFerguson, Leila; Bråten, Ivar; Strømsø, Helge I.; Anmarkrud, Øistein
2012-07Improving Americans' Modest Global Warming Knowledge in the Light of RTMD (Reinforced Theistic Manifest Destiny) TheoryRanney, Michael; Clark, Dav; Reinholz, Daniel; Cohen, Sarah
2012-07Promoting Teacher Candidates' Awareness for Teaching Dilemmas: A Field ExperimentWegner, Elisabeth; Kaufmann, Iris; Nückles, Matthias
2012-07The Candy Factory Game: An Educational iPad Game for Middle School Algebra-ReadinessEvans, Michael; Norton, Anderson; Deater-Deckard, Kirby; Chang, Mido
2012-07Evaluating Claims in Popular Science Media: Nature of Science Versus Dynamic Epistemological KnowledgeDavis, Pryce; Russ, Rosemary S.
2012-07The Idea Manager: A Tool to Scaffold Students in Documenting, Sorting, And Distinguishing Ideas During Science InquiryMatuk, Camillia; McElhaney, Kevin; Chen, Jennifer King; Miller, David; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2012-07Advancing Understanding Using Nonaka's Model of Knowledge Creation and Problem-Based LearningTee, Meng Yew; Lee, Shuh Shing
2012-07Teacher Education Students' Research Training And E-Research: Current Perspectives And Potential for DevelopmentGonzález, Carlos
2012-07Social Network Analysis for Knowledge Building: Establishment of Indicators for Collective Knowledge AdvancementOshima, Jun; Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki; Oshima, Ritsuko; Chan, Carol; van Aalst, Jan
2012-07Use of A CSCW Platform by Trainers and Trainees. Trace Analysis: Multimodal Analysis Vs Data Mining approachSimon, Jean; Ralambondrainy, Henri
2012-07Can Technology-Based Gaze Replays of Experts Model Diagnostic Performance of Novices? A Test in Medical EducationSeppänen, Marko; Gegenfurtner, Andreas
2012-07Facilitating Teachers' Integrated Technological Pedagogical Content KnowledgeChang, Hsin-Yi
2012-07Effectiveness of Combining Worked Examples And Deliberate Practice for High School GeometryPachman, Mariya; Sweller, John; Kalyuga, Slava
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 202