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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Critical Participatory Co-Analysis: A New Opportunity for the FieldGreenberg, Day
2020-06The Possibilities and Limitations of Infrastructuring With a No-excuses Charter NetworkLindsay, William; Otero, Valerie
2020-06An Exploratory Study of Science Teachers’ Instructional Decision-Making in Relation to “Coherence”Tosun, Gözde
2020-06Investigating Collaborative Teacher Learning in Rural ContextsBannister, Nicole; Wilder, Phillip
2020-06Collaborative and Emergent Regulation of Open-Ended Inquiry through Semiotically Mediated StructuresPesaresi, Simona; Zhang, Jianwei
2020-06The Dynamic Nature of Teachers' Framing of the Problem of Student Mathematical DifficultyDyer, Elizabeth
2020-06Mathematical Thinking and Representational Engagement of In-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Pattern-Based Algebraic Growth TasksBoles, Kelly
2020-06Surfacing Teachers’ Aspirations and Decisions Through Digital Design JournalsPeters, Laura; Sadeh, Sam; Brennan, Karen
2020-06Impact of a Teacher Action Planner that Captures Student Ideas on Teacher Customization DecisionsGerard, Libby; Wiley, Korah; Bradford, Allison; Chen, Jennifer King; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2020-06Learning and Teaching in the Ruins: Reassembling Innovation Debris After Grants ExpireSmirnov, Natalia
2020-06Exploring Learner Behavioral Patterns in Virtual-Reality-Based Role-playing for Teaching TrainingDai, Zhaihuan; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu
2020-06Teachers’ Conceptualizations of Computational and Mathematical ThinkingWalton, Margaret; Walkoe, Janet; Elby, Andrew; Fofang, Janet Shufor Bih epse; Weintrop, David
2020-06Supporting Teachers for Expansive Sense-Making in Elementary Science ClassroomsBraaten, Melissa; Schwarz, Christina; Haverly, Christa
2020-06Building Capacity Via Facilitator Agency: Tensions in Implementing an Adaptive Model of Professional DevelopmentBoles, Kelly; Jarry-Shore, Michael; Villa, Anthony; Malamut, James; Borko, Hilda
2020-06Two Approaches to Teaching with NetLogo: Examining the Role of Structure and AgencyBell, Amanda
2020-06Embodied Representations in Computing Education: How Gesture, Embodied Language, and Tool Use Support Teaching RecursionSolomon, Amber; Bae, Miyeon; DiSalvo, Betsy; Guzdial, Mark
2020-06Scaling Just Like Experts Do: Results of an Expert Interview StudyMazziotti, Claudia; Doenmez, Rüya; Roschelle, Jeremy
2020-06Examining Elementary Teachers’ Puzzles: A Cross-Disciplinary AnalysisManz, Eve; Gibbons, Lynsey; Okun, Ada; Chalmers-Curren, Jennifer; O'Connor, Catherine
2020-06Robot Block-based Coding in PreschoolGribble, Jim; Reimer, Paul; Rizo, Aileen; Pauls, Steve; Caldwell, Brittany; Macias, Meghan; Spina, Alexis; Rosenbaum, Leah
2020-06Multimodal Data Analytics for Assessing Collaborative InteractionsKim, Yanghee; D'Angelo, Cynthia; Cafaro, Francesco; Ochoa, Xavier; Espino, Danielle; Kline, Aaron; Hamilton, Eric; Lee, Seung; Butail, Sachit; Liu, Lichuan; Trajkova, Milka; Tscholl, Michael; Hwang, Jaejin; Lee, Sungchul; Kwon, Kyungbin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 561