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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06SimScientists: Using Science Simulations to Promote Model-Based Learning and AssessmentQuellmalz, Edys S.; Buckley, Barbara
2011-06School Network for Enhancing Student Information Literacy Across the CurriculumKwok, Ching Yin; Lau, Siu Fan; Choi, Yin Wai Yvonne; Chan, Lok Sze
2011-06Knowledge Building International Project : Designs for Deep UnderstandingLaferrière, Thérèse; Perreault, Christian; Boutin, Pier-Ann; Law, Nancy; Yuen, Johnny; Montané, Mireia; Lopez, Oscar Hernandez; Boluda, Pere; Blancafort, Marta
2011-06Action research on the effectiveness of partnership collaboration in ICT language projectsHa, Henry; Yip, Jane; Chu, Ka Tim; Lit, Shirley; Chow, Chi Kin
2011-06Supporting innovative teaching and responding to change with an intelligent collaborative design environmentLjubojevic, Dejan; Craft, Brock; Laurillard, Diana
2011-06Automated Data Analysis to Support Teacher’s Knowledge Building PracticeJing, Leng; Yuen, Johnny; Wong,; Law, Nancy; Zhang, Yonghe; Allaire, Stephane; Perreault, Christian; Laferriere, Therese; Teplovs, Christopher
2011-06Design and Technologies for Supporting Collaborative Learning with Multiple RepresentationsMolinari, Gaelle; Bodemer, Daniel; Kapur, Manu; Rummel, Nikol; Weinberger, Armin
2011-06Designing visual tools to scaffold the process of learning how to learn togetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Schwarz, Baruch; Wegerif, Rupert; Yang, Yang; Harrer, Andreas; Kynigos, Chronis; McLaren, Bruce; Mavrikis, Manolis
2011-06ICT for educational pedagogical innovations and learner diversityKu, Yiu Yee; Tse, Andrew Chung Yee; Chan, Keung Kai; Cheng, Kenneth; Lau, Alison; Poon, Tung Keung
2011-06Accelerating Learning to Write with Reciprocal Peer ReviewCho, Kwangsu; Im, Jungtaek; Lee, Namseok; Shin, Ho-Chul
2011-06Teacher as co-designer in developing technology that supports Liberal Studies learningLaw, Nancy; Lee, Yeung; Kwok, S. M.; Lam, Bonnie; Ho, K. C.
2011-06Trialogical learning supported by Knowledge Practices EnvironmentPaavola, Sami; Bauters, Merja; Richter, Christoph; Damsa, Crina; Karlgren, Klas; Saarivesi, Eini; Toikka, Seppo; Lakkala, Minna; Muukkonen, Hanni; Ilomaki, Liisa
2011-06Creativity of Teachers and Peer-Student-Tutors through Video Media at the Intersection of Content and CognitionHamilton, Eric; Harding, Nancy; Chaves, Gina; Chaves, Wendy
2011-06Using Google Sites in collaborative inquiry project-based learningChu, Samuel Kai Wah
2011-06Orchestrating Collaborative Science Curriculum Across Formal and Informal ContextsTissenbaum, Mike; Lui, Michelle; Slotta, James D.
2011-06Knowledge Building Teacher Network (KBTN) in Hong Kong: Sustaining and Scaling up Knowledge Building through Principle-Based InnovationChan, Carol; Law, Nancy; Hui, Diane; Fung, Yuen Han; Team, the KBTN
2011-06Collaborative Virtual Worlds and Productive Failure: Design Research with Multidisciplinary Pedagogical, Technical and Graphics, and Learning Research TeamsJacobson, Michael; Taylor, Charlotte; Hu, Chun; Newstead, Anne; Wong, Wai-Yat; Richards, Debbie; Taylor, Meredith; Kartiko, Iwan; Porte, John; Kapur, Manu
2011-06An Interactive Research Experience with Mobile Biology GamesKlopfer, Eric; Perry, Judy; Rosenheck, Louisa
2011-06Collaborative Design (CODE) as a Teacher Professional Development Model in Francophone and Anglophone QuebecLaferriere, Therese; Breuleux, Alain
2011-06Getting started and sustaining Knowledge BuildingMaria, Chuy; Scardamalia, Marlene; Bereiter, Carl; Resendes, Monica; Chen, Bodong; Tarchi, Christian; Messina, Richard; Morley, Elizabeth; Bielaczyc, Katerine; Håklev, Stian; Zhang, Jianwei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 241