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The ICLS Proceedings feature 17 symposia, 110 long papers, 200 short papers, and 198 posters coming from six continents and 35 countries. The CSCL Proceedings feature 36 long papers, 42 short papers (work-in-progress), 10 technology innovation papers, 35 posters, and five symposia.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Every Glass Ceiling Has a Floor (Of Interaction): Studying Body Position During Floor-Based Activities in Kindergarten ClassroomsSilvis, Deborah; Clarke-Midura, Jody; Shumway, Jessica; Lee, Victor R.
2022Biology Teachers’ Re-Designed eLearning Units: The Relationships Between Knowledge Types and Scientific PracticesBar, Carmel; Siani, Merav; Yarden, Anat
2022An Assessment Framework for Complex Systems UnderstandingKhodr, Hala; Kothiyal, Aditi; Bruno, Barbara; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2022Historians’ Criteria for Appraising Historiography: An Interview StudyKainulainen, Mikko; Puurtinen, Marjaana; Chinn, Clark A.
2022Exploring Focused Responsiveness as an Approach to Facilitation in Professional LearningRichards, Jennifer
2022Intertwined Development of Interest PursuitsDraijer, Jael; Bronkhorst, Larike; Akkerman, Sanne
2022Using Hierarchical Logistic Regression Analysis to Investigate Equity in Classroom DiscourseOrner, Aviv; Lefstein, Adam
2022Mundane Practices on the Edges of Intentional Design in a Maker ProjectMehto, Varpu; Bosch, Noora; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Kangas, Kaiju
2022Emotional Engagement Assessment: Self-Reports Versus Facial ExpressionsDubovi, Ilana
2022Study on Evaluation Indicator System of Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving Ability for Pre-Service STEM TeachersXu, Jie; Xu, Haoxin; Xu, Xianlong
2022Silly or Substantive?: How Video Club Can Help Science Teacher Candidates See Strengths in Students’ ContributionsBlue, Laura; Pierson, Ashlyn
2022Performing Algorithms: Weaving as Promising Context for Computational LearningKeune, Anna
2022Personalized Automated Formative Feedback Can Support Students in Generating Causal Explanations in BiologyAriely, Moriah; Nazaretsky, Tanya; Alexandron, Giora
2022LF-LKT: A Logistic Regression Knowledge Tracing Model Integrating Learning and ForgettingZhang, Ting; Jiang, Bo
2022The Relations Between Motivational Beliefs, Academic Delay, and Academic Achievement in Online Learning EnvironmentsCheng, Sheng-Lun; Xie, Kui; Collier, Jessica; Hebert, Waneta; Haro, Angelica
2022The Construction of Mathematical Authority in a First Grade ClassroomStrachota, Susanne; Brizuela, Bárbara M.; Raymond, Sophia; Savid, Sofía; Blanton, Maria; Gardiner, Angela Murphy; Sawrey, Katie
2022A Path Analysis of Gender Differences in Social Presence in Online Course Discussion ForumsJeng, Amos; Valdiviejas, Hannah; Perry, Michelle
2022Affordances and Constraints of Online Museum Experiences for at-Home Science Engagement During the COVID-19 PandemicTissenbaum, Catherine L. Dornfeld; Lane, McKenna
2022Students’ Changing Understanding of Psychological Evidence: Integrating Evidence Evaluation in Psychology InstructionDishon, Gideon; Barzilai, Sarit; Yanai, Johnatan Verissimo
2022“It Disrupts Power Dynamics”: Co-Design Process as a Space for Intergenerational Learning With Distributed ExpertiseMawasi, Areej; Cortez, Arturo; McKoy, Ashieda; Penuel, William R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 652