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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Beyond Transcripts and GPAs: An NSF Workshop on Digital Micro-credentials for Use in College AdmissionsFishman, Barry; Teasley, Stephanie; Cederquist, Steven
2020-06Designing Online Experiences to Support Teacher Learning and Professional Development Across Subject AreasReisman, Abby; Yoon, Susan; Anderson, Emma; Brown, Tymesia; Correnti, Richard; Ebby, Caroline; Goldsmith-Markey, Lindsay; Tobias, Joshua; Klopfer, Eric; Matsumura, Lindsay Clare; Miller, Kate; Reich, Justin; Remillard, Janine; Richman, Thomas; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Shim, Jooeun; Walsh, Maggie; Wendel, Daniel; Zook-Howell, Dena; Fishman, Barry
2023Documenting Out-of-School Time Learning: Opportunities, Tensions, and a PrototypeFishman, Barry; Herrenkohl, Leslie Rupert; Pinkard, Nichole; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Cardella, Lauren; Cederquist, Steven; Gu, Xingjian; Jones, Denise; Lee, Jiyoung; Lee, Lo; Majors, Yolanda; Samuelson, Alex
2021-06Expanding How We Record and Report Learning: Exploring Employers’ PerspectivesCederquist, Steven; Fishman, Barry
2023Exploring Physicality in Out-of-School Time LearningLee, Lo; Jones, Denise; Cederquist, Steve; Gu, Xingjian; Fishman, Barry; Herrenkohl, Leslie
2006-06Exploring the Relationship between Teachers’ Curriculum Enactment Experience and Their Understanding of Underlying Curriculum Design RationalesLin, Hsien-Ta; Fishman, Barry
2006-06Fostering Innovation Implementation: Findings about Supporting Scale from GLOBEFishman, Barry; Penuel, William; Yamaguchi, Ryoko
2020-06Gameful Learning: Designing with Motivation in MindHayward, Caitlin; Fishman, Barry
2022-03Gameful Learning: Leveraging the Learning Sciences to Improve the "Game of Learning"Fishman, Barry; Hayward, Caitlin
2023Issues in Infrastructuring OST STEM Learning for Selective College AdmissionsCederquist, Steven; Fishman, Barry; Herrenkohl, Leslie Rupert
2023Out-of-School Time: Divergent Learning, Divergent OpportunitiesFishman, Barry; Herrenkohl, Leslie; Pinkard, Nichole; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Cederquist, Steven; Gu, Xingjian; Jones, Denise; Lee, Jiyoung; Lee, Lo; Majors, Yolanda; Reid, Cavar; Samuelson, Alex; Henriquez, Andrés; Penuel, William R.; Peppler, Kylie
2020-06Preparing Researchers to Participate in Collaborative ResearchDavidson, Kristen; Bell, Adam; Riedy, Robbin; Sandoval, Carlos; Wegemer, Christopher; Clark, Tiffany; Farrell, Caitlin; Fishman, Barry; Russell, Jennifer; Penuel, William R.; Marin, Ananda
2019Primer: Design-Based Implementation ResearchMartin, Wendy; Fishman, Barry; Cheng, Britte; Penuel, William
2006-06A Role for Professional Development in Sustainability: Linking the Written Curriculum to EnactmentKubitskey, Beth; Fishman, Barry
2009-06Scaffolding teacher adaptation by making design intent explicitLin, Hsien-Ta; Fishman, Barry
2004-06Standardized Test Outcomes of Urban Students Participating in Standards and Project Based Science CurriculaGeier, Robert; Blumenfeld, Phyllis; Marx, Ronald; Krajcik, Joseph; Fishman, Barry; Soloway, Elliot
2006-06Using Drawings and Interviews to Diagram Entering Preservice Teachers’ Preconceived Beliefs about Technology IntegrationKeren-Kolb, Elizabeth; Fishman, Barry
2002-01Video Cases for Teacher Learning: Issues of Social and Organizational Design for UseShrader, Greg; Fishman, Barry; Barab, Sasha; O’Neill, Kevin; Oden, Gary; Suthers, Dan