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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Learning to Teach with Phenomenon-based Lessons in the High School Science ClassroomPimentel, Daniel
2020-06So What? Now What? Two Tools for Supporting Teachers’ Thought ExperimentsLarison, Sarah; Munson, Jen; Richards, Jennifer
2020-06Pre-service Teachers’ Operationalization of Cognitive DemandAnthony, Monica; Viviani, William
2020-06Face-Work in Teacher Learning from Problems of PracticeMendler, Adi; Vedder-Weiss, Dana
2020-06Reimagining Computational Thinking Professional Development: Benefits of a Community of Practice ModelKillen, Heather; Coenraad, Merijke; Byrne, Virginia; Cabrera, Lautaro; Ketelhut, Diane Jass; Plane, Jandelyn
2020-06Ideological Contestations in Faculty’s Conversational Categories for Students in Faculty Online Learning CommunitiesWilliams, Stephanie; Turpen, Chandra
2020-06How Teachers Use Causal Reasoning About Classroom Experiences to Improve TeachingDyer, Elizabeth; Meadows, Mekenzie; Winesberry, Rachel
2020-06Towards Obtaining Facial Proxies for Gaze behaviour in TELSharma, Kshitij; Mishra, Shitanshu; Papamitsiou, Zacharoula; Munshi, Anabil; De, Bikram Kumar; Biswas, Gautam; Giannakos, Michail
2020-06Integrating Computer Science in Science: Considerations for ScaleKrakowski, Ari; Greenwald, Eric; Duke, Jake; Comstock, Meghan; Roman, Natalie
2020-06Harnessing the Power of Research + Practice: Aggregating Knowledge About Implementation to Better Support Equity Outcomes in SystemsCheng, Britte Haugan; Clark, Tiffany Lee; Van Horne, Katie
2020-06Using the Student Hat to Push on Multiple Goals in Teacher Professional LearningLowell, Benjamin R.; McNeill, Katherine L.
2020-06Fundamental Challenges to Learning to Teach Science as PracticeSandoval, William; Kawasaki, Jarod; Clark, Heather
2020-06Characterizing Mathematics Teacher Educator Noticing and Its Relation to Novice Teacher Opportunities for LearningKobiela, Marta; Din, Saba; Chandrasekhar, Vandana; Cameron, Ashley
2020-06Playful Coding and Playful Learning Among Future Early Childhood EducatorsKim, ChanMin; Belland, Brian; Gleasman, Cory
2020-06What to Do During a Whale-nami? Supporting Preservice Teachers’ Learning During an Extended Teaching RehearsalStroupe, David; Hancock, J. Brian; Gotwals, Amelia
2020-06Instability is a Feature, Not a Bug: How Teachers Grow Their Pedagogical Knowledge in an Interdisciplinary, Skills-Centered, Ever-Evolving SchoolResnick, Vered; Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David
2020-06Advocating Facilitators’ Interdisciplinary Learning with Computer Science Teaching Assistants in a Virtual Reality EnvironmentDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Zhaihuan; West, Luke
2020-06A Video Club in a Networked Improvement Community: Coupling C- and B-level Activities to Access A-Level ExpertiseKallio, Julie
2020-06Taking on the Task of Reimagining Teacher Education: Positioning Teachers as Emergent Learning Scientists within Complex Political and Ethical EcologiesDavis, Natalie; Hooper, Paula; Echevarria, Ruben; Munoz, Arturo; Vossoughi, Shirin; Cortez, Arturo; *, Meixi; Pham, Josephine H.; Scott, Mallika; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha; Tunney, Jessica; Macias, Meghan
2020-06Developing Pedagogical Practices That Support Disciplinary Practices When Integrating Computer Science Into Elementary School CurriculumSullivan, Florence; Suárez, Enrique; Pektas, Emrah; Duan, Lian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 560