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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Talking Like a Composer: Negotiating shared musical compositions using ImpromptuDownton, Michael; Peppler, Kylie; Bamberger, Jeanne
2011-06Facilitating Knowledge Communities in Science Classrooms through Scripted CollaborationNajafi, Hedieh; Zhao, Naxin; Slotta, James
2011-06Agreeing to Disagree: Challenges with Ambiguity in Visual EvidenceMatuk, Camillia; Sato, Elissa; Linn, Marcia
2011-06Ways of contributing to a knowledge-building dialogue in historyResendes, Monica; Chuy, Maria; Chen, Bodong; Scardamalia, Marlene
2011-06Collaborative Design Process of a Rich Interactive Web-based Interprofessional Pain Education ResourceLui, Michelle; Watt-Watson, Judy; Lax, Leila; Dubrowski, Adam; McGillion, Michael; Hunter, Judith; Knickle, Kerry; MacLennan, Cameron; Robb, Anja; Lapeyre, Jaime
2011-06Collaborative Learning with Scaffolded Dynamic VisualizationsChiu, Jennifer
2011-06Explanatory Activity with a Partner Promotes Children’s Learning from Multiple Solution MethodsKawasaki, Miho; Shirouzu, Hajime
2011-06Improving Collaboration through Visibility of Students’ Learning Products in a Digital Classroom EnvironmentHernandez, Juan Carlos; Maldonado, Luis Facundo; Valbuena, Widman Said; Hoppe, H. Ulrich
2011-06GlobalEd 2: A Technology Mediated Simulation Targeted at Writing in the DisciplinesLawless, Kimberly; Brown, Scott; Boyer, Mark
2011-06Developing Collaborative Argumentation Systems: What Advice Do the Experts Have?Loll, Frank; Pinkwart, Niels; Scheuer, Oliver; McLaren, Bruce
2011-06Learning about Ecosystems in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentHonwad, Sameer; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Jordan, Rebecca; Sinha, Suparna; Eberbach, Catherine; Goel, Ashok; Rugaber, Spencer
2011-06Making Meaning and Building Understanding Online: Designing an Innovative and Participative AssessmentReedy, Gabriel B.
2011-06Towards the Identification of Emergent Strategies for Interdependent Collaboration in Complex TasksGreene, Daniel; Blikstein, Paulo
2011-06Pearls of Wisdom: A Computational Scaffold for Design and Diffusion of Cognitive ArtifactsChapman, Robbin
2011-06OASIS: An Online Professional Learning Community for Inquiry-based TeachingChapman, Robbin; Daily, Shaundra
2011-06Does news value help learners sharing relevant information?Rudat, Anja; Buder, Jurgen; Bodemer, Daniel
2011-06Visual Representations of Videotaped Interactions: Understanding Activity Patterns in the ClassroomMadeira, Cheryl Ann; Slotta, James D.
2011-06Modeling Efficient Grounding in Chat-based CSCL: An Approach for Adaptive Scripting?Oehl, Michael; Pfister, Hans-Ruediger
2011-06Scaling Dynamic Mathematics Reform: Findings from the SunBay Pilot StudyVanover, Charles; Roy, George; Unal, Zafer; Fueyo, Vivian; Collier, Nicole; Vahey, Phil
2011-06Distinguishing Evolution Ideas Through Two Different Forms Of Collaborative Critique-Focused Concept Mapping ActivitiesSchwendimann, Beat
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 241