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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Advancing Technology Environments for Learning CommunitiesAmundrud, Anja; Smørdal, Ole; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Kalir, Jeremiah; Chen, Bodong; Chang, Yu-Hui; Groos, David; Wiebe, Joel P.; Slotta, James D.; Hod, Yotam
2014-06Analyzing Online Knowledge-Building Discourse Using Probabilistic Topic ModelsSun, Weiyi; Zhang, Jianwei; Jin, Hui; Lyu, Siwei
2022Co-Construct Learning Spaces to Sustain Collaborative Knowledge Building During COVID-19Underwood, Thomas; Park, Hyejin; Zhang, Jianwei
2018-07Co-Framing Shared Epistemic Objects of Inquiry to Support Knowledge Building Over a Whole School YearTao, Dan; Zhang, Jianwei; Gao, Dandan
2020-06Collaborative and Emergent Regulation of Open-Ended Inquiry through Semiotically Mediated StructuresPesaresi, Simona; Zhang, Jianwei
2010-06Collaborative Productivity as Self-Sustaining Processes in a Grade 4 Knowledge Building CommunityZhang, Jianwei; Messina, Richard
2013-06Computer-Supported Metadiscourse to Foster Collective Progress in KnowledgeBuilding CommunitiesZhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Chen, Jingping; Mico, Teresa Ferrer
2019-06Cross-boundary Interaction for Sustaining Idea Development and Knowledge Building With Idea Thread MapperYuan, Guangji; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa
2017-07Cross-Community Interaction for Knowledge Building in Two Grade 5/6 ClassroomsZhang, Jianwei; Bogouslavsky, Maria; Yuan, Guangji
2018-07Dealing With Changes and Challenges: Grade 5 Students’ Experience with Knowledge Building Pedagogy in a Yearlong Science InquiryZhou, He; Zhang, Jianwei
2016-07Design Collaborative Formative Assessment for Sustained Knowledge Building Using Idea Thread MapperChen, Jingping; Zhang, Jianwei
2023Detecting Patterns of Constructed Collaborative Novelty in Online Discourse in Knowledge Building CommunitiesYuan, Guangji; Zhang, Jianwei; Park, Heyjin
2020-06Dialogic Interaction of Language Learners in a Knowledge Building CommunityDehghan-Chaleshtori, Marzieh; Zhang, Jianwei
2011-06Does Contributing to a Knowledge Building Dialogue Lead to Individual Advancement of Knowledge?Chuy, Maria; Zhang, Jianwei; Resendes, Monica; Scardamalia, Marlene; Bereiter, Carl
2020-06Enhancing Knowledge Building Discourse with Automated Feedback on Idea ComplexityZhang, Jianwei; Yuan, Guangji; Zhong, Jiuning; Pellino, Sam; Chen, Mei-Hwa
2011-06Enhancing the Social and Cognitive Benefits of Digital Tools and MediaLaferriere, Therese; Viilo, Marjut; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Hakkarainen, Kai; Oshima, Jun; Scardamalia, Marlene; Bereiter, Carl; Chen, Bodong; Chuy, Maria; Resendes, Monica; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol; Bielaczyc, Katerine; Hong, Huang-Yao; Zhang, Jianwei
2015-07Fostering Sustained Knowledge Building through Metadiscourse Aided by the Idea Thread MapperZhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Tao, Dan; Sun, Yanqing; Lee, Jiyeon; Judson, Darlene
2016-07Future Learning Spaces for Learning Communities: New Directions and Conceptual FrameworksHod, Yotam; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Acosta, Alisa; Ben-Zvi, Dani; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Choi, Koun; Dugdale, Michael; Kali, Yael; Lenton, Kevin; McDonald, Scott P.; Moher, Tom; Quintana, Rebecca M.; Rook, Michael M.; Slotta, James D.; Tietjen, Phil; Weiss, Patrice L. Tamar; Whittaker, Chris; Zhang, Jianwei; Bielaczyc, Katerine; Kapur, Manu
2011-06Getting started and sustaining Knowledge BuildingMaria, Chuy; Scardamalia, Marlene; Bereiter, Carl; Resendes, Monica; Chen, Bodong; Tarchi, Christian; Messina, Richard; Morley, Elizabeth; Bielaczyc, Katerine; Håklev, Stian; Zhang, Jianwei
2015-07How Did a Grade 5 Community Formulate Progressive, Collective Goals to Sustain Knowledge Building Over a Whole School Year?Tao, Dan; Zhang, Jianwei; Huang, Yue