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Title: Co-Construct Learning Spaces to Sustain Collaborative Knowledge Building During COVID-19
Authors: Underwood, Thomas
Park, Hyejin
Zhang, Jianwei
Keywords: CSCL
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Underwood, T., Park, H., & Zhang, J. (2022). Co-construct learning spaces to sustain collaborative knowledge building during COVID-19. In Weinberger, A. Chen, W., Hernández-Leo, D., & Chen, B. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2022 (pp. 211-218). International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: This study draws on a learning ecologies framework to explore how the teachers and students in a Grade 5 knowledge building (KB) community co-constructed new learning spaces to sustain their science inquiry during COVID-19 school closures. Using an interactional ethnographic approach, we conducted detailed analysis of observation notes, videos of whole-class meetings, and students’ online discourse. Our analysis indicated students showed sustained engagement in KB discourse during the school closures, which took place in new learning spaces co-constructed by the teachers and students. The co- construction of learning spaces involved replacing some of the critical classroom-based elements with new options, accommodating the limitations they faced while drawing on new opportunities for students to conduct inquiry in the broader world. Student KB was sustained by a learning culture and activity system formed around the principles of KB and use of relational resources.
Description: Long Paper
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