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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Becoming Facilitators of Creative Computing in Out-of-School SettingsRoque, Ricarose; Jain, Rupal
2018-07Designing for Axiological Innovation within Family-Centered Learning EnvironmentsSuárez, Enrique; Tzou, Carrie; Bang, Megan; *, Meixi; Roque, Ricarose; Pinkard, Nichole; McDermott, Raymond; Barron, Brigid; Goldman, Shelley; Luce, Megan; Vea, Tanner; Conlin, Luke; Bell, Philip; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy
2024Disrupting a Cycle of Disciplinary Harm: Confronting Ghosts in Creative Computing Endeavors with Out of School EducatorsHayden, Ronni; Roque, Ricarose
2022Disruptions, Dissent, and Discontinuities: What Tensions in Intergenerational Learning Dynamics Reveal About Learning DesignWidman, Sari; Hayden, Ronni; Stamatis, Kristina; Roque, Ricarose
2022Examining Equity in Facilitation of Tinkering and Making in STEAMHladik, Stephanie; Vossoughi, Shirin; Roque, Ricarose; Hayden, Ronni; Moreno, Celeste; Lizárraga, José R.; Cortez, Arturo; Baca, Kate; McKoy, Ashieda; Trehin, Simren; Chokshi, Apoorve; Sengupta, Pratim; Rahm, Jrène; Touioui, Ferdous; Tremblay-Gagnon, Delphine; Jones, Stephanie T.; Lee, Sarah P.; Simmons, Sydney; Mallwitz, I.; Jiang, Marc; Butler, Megan; Worsley, Marcelo
2023Expanding and Focusing Infrastructuring Analysis for Informal STEM EducationHayden, Ronni; Hladik, Stephanie; Roque, Ricarose
2023Expansive Lenses to Examine Interventions (of) Moving Across ContextsKumar, Vishesh; Fields, Deborah A.; Blikstein, Paulo; Peppler, Kylie; Dahn, Maggie; Ito, Mizuko; Braaten, Melissa; Hayden, Ronni; Roque, Ricarose; Chang, Michael Alan; Philip, Thomas M.; Worsley, Marcelo; Pinkard, Nichole
2014-06Family Creative Learning: Engaging parents and children as learning partners in creative technology workshopsRoque, Ricarose; Rusk, Natalie; Beck, Luisa; Chen, Xiaodi
2016-07“I’m Not Just a Mom”: Parents Developing Multiple Roles in Creative ComputingRoque, Ricarose; Lin, Karina; Liuzzi, Richard
2024Lines of Infrastructuring: Revealing and Tracing Educators’ Infrastructuring Practices Across Design ImplementationsHayden, Ronni; Roque, Ricarose
2014-06Motivating and Broadening Participation: Competitions, Contests, Challenges, and Circles for Supporting STEM LearningKafai, Yasmin B.; Rusk, Natalie; Burke, Quinn; Mote, Chad; Peppler, Kylie; Fields, Deborah A.; Roque, Ricarose; Telhan, Orkan; Elinich, Karen; Magnifico, Alecia Marie
2022Opportunities and Challenges for Enacting Equity and Justice-Centered CS Learning in “Drag vs. AI” WorkshopsRuppert, Janet; Roque, Ricarose; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2020-06Partnering for Equity: Examining Research Practice Partnerships as Part of Community ContextsLee, Ung-Sang; Stamatis, Kristina; Pacheco, Jennifer; Roque, Ricarose; Widman, Sari; Wingert, Kerri; Wegemer, Christopher; Huang, Joey
2020-06The Qualities of Identity Resources and Figured Worlds in Creative Computing ActivitiesRoque, Ricarose
2013-06Youth Roles and Leadership in an Online Creative CommunityRoque, Ricarose; Rusk, Natalie; Blanton, Amos