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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Bridging Research and Practice to Implement Change in Teaching and Learning at ScaleEdelson, Daniel C.; Reiser, Brian J.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Affolter, Renee; Krumm, Andrew E.; Penuel, William R.
1995-10A Design for Effective Support of Inquiry and CollaborationEdelson, Daniel C.; O’Neill, D. Kevin; Gomez, Louis M.; D’Amico, Laura
2014-06Education for Sustainability and Resilience in a Changing ClimateHonwad, Sameer; Sypher, Ofelia Mangen; Hoadley, Christopher; Lewis, Armanda; Tamminga, Kenneth; Honey, Rose; Edelson, Daniel C.
2004-06The Interest-Driven Learning Design Framework: Motivating Learning through UsefulnessEdelson, Daniel C.; Joseph, Diana M.
1999-12A Lab by Any Other Name: Integrating Traditional Labs and Computer-Supported Collaborative Investigations in Science ClassroomsBrown, Matthew W.; Edelson, Daniel C.
1995-10Learning to Weave Collaborative Hypermedia Into Classroom PracticeO’Neill, D. Kevin; Edelson, Daniel C.; Gomez, Louis M.; D’Amico, Laura
2004-06My World: A Case Study in Adapting Scientists’ Tools for LearnersEdelson, Daniel C.
1997-12The Progress Portfolio: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Complex Investigation EnvironmentsLoh, Ben; Radinsky, Josh; Reiser, Brian J.; Gomez, Louis M.; Edelson, Daniel C.; Russell, Eric
2002-01Reflective Inquiry: Enabling Group Self-regulation in Inquiry-based Science Using the Progress Portfolio ToolKyza, Eleni A.; Golan, Ravit; Reiser, Brian J.; Edelson, Daniel C.
2004-06Role, Goal, and Activity: A Framework for Characterizing Participation and Engagement in Project-Based Learning EnvironmentsPitts, Virginia M.; Edelson, Daniel C.
1999-12Using A CSCL Tool to Support a Legislative Role-playing Simulation: Hopes, Fears, and ChallengesReimer, Todd C.; Edelson, Daniel C.
1996-07Using Scientific Visualization in the ClassroomGordin, Douglas N.; Edelson, Daniel C.; Gomez, Louis M.