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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-12Intra-group and Inter-group: An Exploration of Learning with Complementary Collaboration ToolsPuntambekar, Sadhana; Nagel, Kris; HÄuuml;bscher, Roland; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet L.
1997-12Computer Supported and Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Shalom/SalaamStuart, Barb
1997-12The Mission to Mars Webliographer: A Principled Approach to the Design of a CSCL ToolPetrosino, Anthony J.; Pfaffman, Jay; The Cognition and Technology Group
1997-12JavaCAP: A Collaborative Case Authoring Program on the WWWShabo, Amnon; Nagel, Kris; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet
1997-12Facilitating Collaborative Learning in Distributed OrganizationsGreer, Jim; McCalla, Gordon; Kumar, Vive; Collins, Jason; Meagher, Paul
1997-12KidCode: Using Email to Structure Interactions for Elementary Mathematics InstructionBaker, Michelle; Cohen, Judith Levy; Moeller, Babette
1997-12An International Approach to Developing Information Technology (IT) Literacy in Schools Based on Critical ConsciousnessJurema, Ana; O’Rourke, Maureen
1997-12Roles of a Case Library as a Collaborative Tool for Fostering ArgumentationKolodner, Janet L.; Schwarz, Baruch; Barkai, Reuma DeGroot; Levy-Neumand, Edith; Tcherni, Anna; Turbovsk, Anat
1997-12Two Empirical Studies of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Science: Methodological and Affective ImplicationsIssroff, Kim; Scanlon, Eileen; Jones, Ann
1997-12An Integrated Approach to Implementing Collaborative Inquiry in the ClassroomSuthers, Daniel D.; Toth, Eva Erdosne; Weiner, Arlene
1997-12Integrating and Guiding Collaboration: Lessons Learned in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Research at Georgia TechGuzdial, Mark; Hmelo, Cindy; HÄuuml;bscher, Roland; Nagel, Kris; Newstetter, Wendy; Puntambekar, Sadhana; Shabo, Amnon; Turns, Jennifer; Kolodner, Janet L.
1997-12Supporting Collaborative Project-Based Learning on the WWWWard, Douglas R.; Tiessen, Esther L.
1997-12Measuring the Meaning Conveyed by a Glance or a Gesture in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentWhitelock, Denise; Scanlon, Eileen
1997-12Identity Formation/Transformation as the Process of Collaborative Learning Through AlgoArenaSuzuki, Hideyuki; Kato, Hiroshi
1997-12How Activities Foster CMC Tool Use in ClassroomsFishman, Barry J.; Gomez, Louis M.
1997-12Using Mobile Computing to Enhance Field StudyRieger, Robert; Gay, Geraldine
1997-12Students’ Construction of Scientific Explanations in a Collaborative Hyper-Media Learning EnvironmentOshima, Jun
1997-12Emergent Global Cueing of Local Activity: Covering in MusicFlor, Nick V.; Maglio, Paul P.
1997-12Design, Collaboration, and Computation: the design studio as a model for computer-supported collaboration in mathematicsShaffer, David Williamson
1997-12Complementary Roles of Software-based Scaffolding and Teacher-Student Interactions in Inquiry LearningTabak, Iris; Reiser, Brian J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 68