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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-12Ninth Graders’ Use of a Shared Database in an Internet Research Project: Issues of Collaboration and Knowledge-BuildingKupperman, Jeff; Wallace, Raven; Bos, Nathan
1997-12Supporting Learners in a Remote CSCL Environment: The Importance of Task and CommunicationGraves, David; Klawe, Maria
1997-12TAPPED IN: A New On-line Teacher Community Concept for the Next Generation of Internet TechnologySchlager, Mark S.; Schank, Patricia K.
1997-12The Virtual Participant: Lessons to be Learned from a Case-Based Tutor’s AssistantMasterton, Simon
1997-12MOOSE Goes to School: A Comparison of Three Classrooms Using a CSCL EnvironmentBruckman, Amy; , College of Computing; Institute of Technology, Georgia
1997-12Interactive Cooperative Learning System Based on Virtual Shared Space: HyCLASSHosoya, Katsumi; Kawanobe, Akihisa; Kakuta, Susumu; Sharma, Munish
1997-12Active and Supportive Computer-Mediated Resources for Student-to-Student ConversationsEnyedy, Noel; Vahey, Phil; Gifford, Bernard R.
1997-12Using Argument Representations to Make Thinking Visible for Individuals and GroupsBell, Philip
1997-12Supporting the Distributed Synchronous Learning of Probability: Learning from an ExperimentScanlon, Eileen; O’Shea, Tim; Smith, Randall; Li, Yibing
1997-12Divisions of Labor in Computer-Assisted Design: A Comparison of Cases from Work and SchoolStevens, Reed
1997-12Construction of Shared Knowledge During Collaborative LearningJeong, Heisawn; Chi, Michelene T. H.
1997-12Developing a Culture Of Inquiry in Computer-Supported Collaborative LearningLasse, Lipponen; Hakkarainen, Kai
1997-12Individual and Collective Activities in Educational Computer Game PlayingKaptelinin, Victor; Cole, Michael
1997-12Information Ecology of Collaborations in Educational Settings: Influence of ToolGuzdial, Mark
1997-12Designing a Video-Mediated Collaboration System Based on a Body MetaphorKato, Hiroshi; Yamazaki, Keiichi; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Kuzuoka, Hideaki; Miki, Hiroyuki; Yamazaki, Akiko
1997-12Cognitive Facilitation: A Method for Promoting Reflective CollaborationFrederiksen, John R.; White, Barbara Y.
1997-12A Scalable Model of Collaborative Learning: The Virtual High School ConsortiumHsi, Sherry; Tinker, Robert
1997-12The Progress Portfolio: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Complex Investigation EnvironmentsLoh, Ben; Radinsky, Josh; Reiser, Brian J.; Gomez, Louis M.; Edelson, Daniel C.; Russell, Eric
1997-12WebGuide: Supporting Collaborative Web InquiryStahl, Gerry
1997-12Effects of differences among students’ and teachers’ perceptions of computers in a computer-supported classroomStephen, Mary L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 68