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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07The Challenge of Assessing “Knowledge in Use”: Examples from Three-Dimensional Science Learning and InstructionPellegrino, James W; Gane, Brian Douglas; Zaidi, Sania Zahra; Harris, Christopher J.; McElhaney, Kevin W; Alozie, Nonye; Pennock, Phyllis Haugabook; Severance, Samuel; Neumann, Knut; Fortus, David; Krajcik, Joe; Nordine, Jeffrey; Furtak, Erin Marie; Briggs, Derek; Chattergoon, Rajendra; Penuel, Bill; Wingert, Kerri; Van Horne, Katie
2018-07Examining Primary Teacher Expertise and Agency in the Collaborative Design of Project-Based Learning InnovationsSeverance, Samuel; Krajcik, Joseph
2022Fostering Community for Current and Future Latinx Science Teachers Through Testimonios and Co-DesignSeverance, Samuel
2021-06Learning with Purpose: Orienting Student Agency Towards Community Solidarity in a Secondary Science CurriculumSeverance, Samuel
2014-06Mathematical Tasks as Boundary Objects in Design-Based Implementation ResearchJohnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan
2016-07Researchers and Practitioners Co-Designing for Expansive Science Learning and Educational EquityBell, Philip; Severance, Samuel; Penuel, William R.; Sumner, Tamara; Mommandi, Wagma; Quigley, David; Van Horne, Katie; Johnson, Raymond; Stromholt, Shelley; Lakhani, Heena; Davis, Katie; Bell, Adam; Bang, Megan
2014-06Tensions in a Multi-Tiered Research-Practice PartnershipSeverance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Johnson, Raymond
2014-06Theorizing Learning in the Context of Social MovementsJurow, A. Susan; Kirshner, Ben; Torralba, José Antonio; Taraboulsi, Sherine El; Teeters, Leah; Guidalli, Barbara; Griffin-EL, Nosakhere; Severance, Samuel; Shea, Molly; Dutilly, Erik; Hall, Rogers
2014-06Toward an Argumentative Grammar for Socio-Cultural/Cultural-Historical Activity Approaches to Design ResearchCole, Michael; Engeström, Yrjö; Sannino, Annalisa; Gutiérrez, Kris D.; Jurow, A. Susan; Packer, Martin J.; Penuel, William R.; Johnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan; O'Neill, D. Kevin
2020-06Using Design-Based Research to Solve Wicked ProblemsLeary, Heather; Severance, Samuel