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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Advocating Facilitators’ Interdisciplinary Learning with Computer Science Teaching Assistants in a Virtual Reality EnvironmentDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Zhaihuan; West, Luke
2023AI-Integrated Virtual Students for Teacher Training: Comparing Simulation-Based Classroom Dialogue With the Real ThingBarrett, Alex; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu; West, Luke; Bhowmik, Saptarshi; Zhang, Nuodi
2006-06Classroom Goal Structures for Educational Math Game ApplicationKe, Fengfeng
2024Comparing the Science Talk of AI and Human StudentsBarrett, Alex; Zhang, Nuodi; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu
2024A Comparison of Deep Learning and Supervised Machine Learning Methods in RF tracking for Neurodivergent LearnersSokolikj, Zlatko; Ke, Fengfeng; Chakraborty, Shayok; Moon, Jewoong
2023A Design-Based Training on Teachers’ Math Knowledge for TeachingPan, Yanjun; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu; West, Luke; Xu, Jiabei
2021-06Designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Virtual Humans for Simulation-Based Training with Graduate Teaching AssistantsDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Zhaihuan; West, Luke; Bhowmik, Saptarshi; Yuan, Xin
2021-06Designing Narratives in Multimodal Representations for Game-Based Math Learning and Problem SolvingDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng
2022Effects of Level Trajectory on Mathematical GameplayWest, Luke; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu; Kim, Byung Joo; Chaulagain, Ram; Mondol, Tusher Chandra; Xu, Jiabei; Kuba, Renata; Jung, Siho
2024An Evidence-centered and Process-oriented Assessment of Computational Thinking for Learners with AutismZhang, Nuodi; Ke, Fengfeng; Barrett, Alex; Sokolikj, Zlatko
2018-07Examining Virtual Reality Based Learning Design for Children with Autism via Seasonal Index AnalysisKe, Fengfeng; Moon, Jewoong
2023Exploring 6th to 8th Graders’ Math Play Processes and StrategiesDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Pan, Yanjun
2020-06Exploring Learner Behavioral Patterns in Virtual-Reality-Based Role-playing for Teaching TrainingDai, Zhaihuan; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu
2020-06Exploring Learning Supports in Virtual Reality-based Flexibility Training for Adolescents with AutismMoon, Jewoong; Ke, Fengfeng
2024Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences of Teaching Artificial Intelligence Students in Virtual SimulationsZhang, Nuodi; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu; Southerland, Sherry A.; Barrett, Alex; Bhowmik, Saptarshi; West, Luke; Yuan, Xin
2022Game Design Experience for Teachers’ Design Thinking in Participatory Design CulturePan, Yanjun; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu
2022How Do Learners Use in-Game Learning Support in Digital Game-Based Math Learning?Dai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Pan, Yanjun
2009-06How does students’ motivation relate to peer-moderated online interactions?Xie, Kui; Ke, Fengfeng
2015-07Immersive Simulation on Collaborative Learning about a Complex Dynamic SystemKe, Fengfeng; Carafano, Peter
2006-06Individual Differences in Sense of Classroom CommunityKe, Fengfeng