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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Agency and Expressivity in Programming PlaySteinberg, Selena; Gresalfi, Melissa
2014-06Becoming More Mathematical: New Directions for Describing and Designing for Positive Dispositions Toward MathematicsKumar, Melissa; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha; Enyedy, Noel; Gresalfi, Melissa; Langer-Osuna, Jennifer; Sfard, Anna; Gutiérrez, Kris D.
2021-06Bridging the Divide: Exploring Affordances for Interdisciplinary LearningKnowe, Madison; Gresalfi, Melissa
2008-06Conceptual Play Spaces and the Quest Atlantis ProjectBarab, Sasha; Ingram-Goble, Adam; Gresalfi, Melissa; Arici, Anna; Siyahhan, Sinem; Dodge, Tyler; Hay, Kenneth
2012-07Consequential Feedback as a Means of Supporting Student Engagement and UnderstandingGresalfi, Melissa; Barnes, Jacqueline
2020-06Debugging for Art’s Sake: Beginning Programmers’ Debugging Activity in an Expressive Coding ContextBrady, Corey; Gresalfi, Melissa; Steinberg, Selena; Knowe, Madison
2019-06Developing Relationships, Changing Participation: Computational IdentityGresalfi, Melissa; Bell, Amanda; Cervantes, Alexandria
2014-06Disrupting Learning: Changing Local Practice for GoodY., Jasmine; Munter, Charles; Heyd-Metzuyanim, Einat; Greeno, James G.; Kelton, Molly; Hall, Rogers; Gresalfi, Melissa
2020-06Engaging in a New Practice: What Are Students Doing When They Are “Doing” Debugging?Gresalfi, Melissa; Brady, Corey; Knowe, Madison; Steinberg, Selena
2012-07Engaging Middle School-Aged Students in Classroom Science and Mathematics: Implications for Design and ResearchPressick-Kilborn, Kimberley; Gresalfi, Melissa; Renninger, K. Ann; Bachrach, Jessica; Shechtman, Nicole; Cheng, Britte; Lundh, Patrik; Trinidad, Gucci; Walker, Richard
2023Epistemic Diversity as a Design Principle in Computer ScienceLove, Candice; Gresalfi, Melissa
2012-07From Tacit Knowing to Explicit Explanation: Mining Student Designs for Evidence of Systems ThinkingGresalfi, Melissa; Gordon, Leon; Siyahhan, Sinem
2018-07Playful Mathematics Learning: Beyond Early Childhood and Sugar-CoatingGresalfi, Melissa; Horn, Ilana Seidel; Jasien, Lara; Wisittanawat, Panchompoo; Y., Jasmine; Radke, Sarah C; Guyevskey, Victoria; Sinclair, Nathalie; Sfard, Anna
2018-07Room for Everyone? Identification Processes in Crafting and MathChapman, Katherine Carr; Gresalfi, Melissa; Bell, Amanda M
2020-06Street Mathematics and School Mathematics in a Video GameWisittanawat, Panchompoo; Gresalfi, Melissa
2010-06Talking with your mouth full: The role of a mediating tool in shaping collective positioningAnderson, Kate; Gresalfi, Melissa
2019-06Theorizing and Measuring Collective Productive Disciplinary EngagementCheng, Britte; Gresalfi, Melissa; Bell, Amanda; Brady, Corey; Vogelstein, Lauren; Damsa, Crina; Palonen, Tuire; Rogat, Toni; Traynor, Anne; Adeoye, Temitope; Gomoll, Andrea; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Hickey, Dan; Andrews, Christopher; Chartrand, Grant; Itow, Rebecca; Lundh, Patrik; Ludvigsen, Sten
2021-06The Tragedy of Lost Ideas: Examining Epistemic Injustice in Pair ProgrammingLove, Candice; Gresalfi, Melissa; Knowe, Madison
2010-06Transformative Play - Games as 21st Century CurriculumBarab, Sasha; Gresalfi, Melissa; Arici, Anna; Ingram-Goble, Adam; Pettyjohn, Patrick
2020-06Turning Bugs into Learning Opportunities: Understanding Debugging Processes, Perspectives, and PedagogiesKafai, Yasmin; Biswas, Gautam; Hutchins, Nicole; Snyder, Caitlin; Brennan, Karen; Haduong, Paulina; DesPortes, Kayla; Fong, Morgan; Flood, Virginia J.; Aalst, Oia Walker-van; DeLiema, David; Fields, Deborah; Gresalfi, Melissa; Brady, Corey; Steinberg, Selena; Knowe, Madison; Franklin, Diana; Coenraad, Merijke; Weintrop, David; Eatinger, Donna; Palmer, Jen; Wilkerson, Michelle; Roberto, Collette; Bulalacao, Nicole Marie; Danish, Joshua