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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Anything But Race: Race-Evasion and Color-blindness in Preservice Teachers’ Responses to a Hypothetical ScenarioGutiérrez, José F.; Shiver, S.; Dobie, Tracy; Francom, Rachel; Barth-Cohen, Lauren
2012-07Changing Explanations about Sand Dune MovementBarth-Cohen, Lauren
2018-07Constructing Entities in Scientific ModelsElliott, Leslie Atkins; Barth-Cohen, Lauren
2018-07A Continuum of Knowledge Structures in an Observation-Based Field Geology SettingBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Braden, Sarah
2020-06Examining Links Between Arguments and Representations in Pre-Service Teachers’ Pedagogical Content KnowledgeBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Dobie, Tracy; Greenberg, Kevin; Francom, Rachel; Gutiérrez, José
2020-06Examining Preservice Teachers’ Written Responses to a Hypothetical Classroom Scenario Involving RaceGutiérrez, José; Dobie, Tracy; Greenberg, Kevin; Francom, Rachel; Barth-Cohen, Lauren
2014-06Learners’ Intuitions about GeologyBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Shemwell, Jonathan; Capps, Daniel
2020-06Learning About Crosscutting Concepts as ConceptsBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Wittmann, Michael
2014-06Modeling the Construction of Evidence through Prior Knowledge and Observations from the Real WorldBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Capps, Daniel; Shemwell, Jonathan
2010-06The Role of Explanations in LearningBarth-Cohen, Lauren; Legare, Cristine; Lombrozo, Tania; Williams, Joseph; McNeill, Katherine; Knight, Amanda; Zembal-Saul, Carla; Sandoval, William; Kawasaki, Jarod; White, Barbara
2012-07Theoretical Issues: Indicators of Decentralized and Centralized Causality as a Gauge for Students Understanding of Complex SystemsBarth-Cohen, Lauren