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Title: How Might Digital Micro-Credentials Help Youth Aspiring to Go to College?
Authors: Gutierrez, Jaime
Martin, Wendy
Keywords: digital micro-credentials
informal education
higher education
college readiness
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Gutierrez, J., & Martin, W. (2021). How Might Digital Micro-Credentials Help Youth Aspiring to Go to College? In Rapid Community Report Series.
Abstract: The Informal Ed to Higher Ed (IE2HE) workshop (December 2019) focused on how digital micro-credentials earned in informal educational experiences could be used in college admissions. Key issues raised included the need to create shared meaning for micro-credentials across institutions, to explore how endorsement can be used to enhance the value of micro-credentials, and the need for a resource that maps connections within the micro-credential ecosystem. Suggestions for future work included leveraging community colleges to build connections between informal education programs and four-year colleges, the use of participatory endorsement to build cross-institution relationships and youth agency and using social network analysis to visualize the connections across institutions in the micro-credential community to learn from existing efforts to prepare youth for next steps on career pathways.
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