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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Assessment in Hands-On Library Learning SpacesWardrip, Peter; Chang, Stephanie; Penney, Lauren; Abramovich, Samuel; Millerjohn, Rebecca; Kumar, Vishesh; Martin, Caitlin; Widman, Sari; Penuel, William R.; Chang-Order, Josephina; Halverson, Erica
2021-06Becoming a STEAM-Teacher: Co-Construction of a Zone of Proximal Identity Development to Support Program ImplementationStamatis, Kristina M.; Pradhan, Ishita; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Boundary Crossing as a Lens for Examining Scale in Collaborative Learning Sciences InnovationsWidman, Sari; Repko-Erwin, Melia; Penuel, William R.; Stevens, Reed
2020-06Bridging Research and Practice to Implement Change in Teaching and Learning at ScaleEdelson, Daniel C.; Reiser, Brian J.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Affolter, Renee; Krumm, Andrew E.; Penuel, William R.
2024Creating a Science Classroom Culture where Teachers and Students Care about Learning Science TogetherAlzen, Jessica L.; Edwards, Kelsey; Buell, Jason Y.; Zhang, Yang; Griesemer, Chris D.; Passmore, Cynthia; Penuel, William R.; Reiser, Brian J.
2023Curriculum as Seed: Designing and Supporting the Use of Open Education Resources to Promote Teacher Agency and InnovationKo, Mon-Lin Monica; Cortez, Arturo; Penuel, William R.
2021-06Designing for Compassion in Schools: A Humanizing Approach to Co-DesignPotvin, Ashley Seidel; Teeters, Leah Peña; Penuel, William R.
2023Designing to Disrupt While Encountering Disruption: Engaging With the Unexpected in Educational Research and PracticeStamatis, Kristina M.; Clarke, Sherice N.; Polman, Joseph L.; Gates, Zaynab; Lee, Ung-Sang; Van, Marcus; Nagashima, Tomohiro; Yadav, Gautam; Aleven, Vincent; Oswald, Emily; Esborg, Line; Pierroux, Palmyre; Riedy, Robbin; Farrell, Caitlin; Penuel, William R.; Resnick, Alison; Singleton, Corinne; S, Sushil; Sommer, Stephen; Tran, Trang C.; Palomar, Marlene; Mckoy, Ashieda; Ortega, Brenda Aguirre; Palomar, Fabiola; Tran, Trang B.; Widman, Sari; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Closser, Avery H.; Ngo, Vy; Smith, Hannah; Liu, Allison S.; Ottmar, Erin R.; Yu, Junnan
2016-07Disruptions to Practice: Understanding Suspensions of Youths’ Interest-related ActivitiesVan Horne, Katie; Van Steenis, Erica; Penuel, William R.; DiGiacomo, Daniela
2006-06The Distribution of Resources and Expertise and the Implementation of Schoolwide Reform InitiativesPenuel, William R.; Frank, Kenneth A.; Krause, Ann
2023Educators’ Ideas About Dignity and How to Support it in SchoolsPotvin, Ashley Seidel; Penuel, William R.
2010-06Eliciting and Developing Students' Ideas and Questions in a Learner-Centered Environmental Biology UnitHarris, Christopher J.; Phillips, Rachel S.; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Emergent Design Heuristics for Three-Dimensional Classroom Assessments that Promote EquityFurtak, Erin; Kang, Hosun; Pellegrino, James; Harris, Christopher; Krajcik, Joseph; Morrison, Deb; Bell, Philip; Lakhani, Heena; Suárez, Enrique; Buell, Jason; Nation, Jasmine; Henson, Kate; Fine, Caitlin; Tschida, Paul; Fay, Lindsay; Biddy, Quentin; Penuel, William R.; Wingert, Kerri
2022-11Engaging Youth in Envisioning Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms: Lessons LearnedChang, Michael Alan; Philip, Thomas M.; Cortez, Arturo; McKoy, Ashieda; Sumner, Tamara; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Equity Across State Systems: Possibilities and Tensions in Understanding ScaleWingert, Kerri; Riedy, Robbin; Campanella, Melissa; Penuel, William R.
2024Expansive Ways of Knowing and Improving: Using Equity Tools and Approaches to Support Equity of Participation in Learning ActivitiesRaza, Ali; Penuel, William R.; Ahn, June; Jackson, Kara; Reinholz, Daniel L.; Yeh, Cathery; Lee, Hakeoung Hannah; Fischer, Frank; Martinez-Maldonado, Roberto
2020-06Exploring the Connections Between Epistemic Agency and a Commitment to the Collective Enterprise of Sensemaking in the Science ClassroomAlzen, Jessica L.; Edwards, Kelsey; Penuel, William R.; Reiser, Brian J.; Passmore, Cynthia; Griesemer, Chris; Zivic, Aliza; Murzynski, Christina
2020-06Global Nationalism, Curriculum, and IdentitiesEsteban-Guitart, Moisès; Penuel, William R.
2010-06The Impact of a Media-Rich Science Curriculum on Low-Income Preschoolers' Science Talk at HomePenuel, William R.; Bates, Lauren; Pasnik, Shelley; Townsend, Eve; Gallagher, Lawrence P.; Llorente, Carlin; Hupert, Naomi
2022“It Disrupts Power Dynamics”: Co-Design Process as a Space for Intergenerational Learning With Distributed ExpertiseMawasi, Areej; Cortez, Arturo; McKoy, Ashieda; Penuel, William R.