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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Designing Worked Examples for Dynamic Learning Technologies: The Effects of Action and Self-ExplanationClosser, Avery H.; Smith, Hannah; Ottmar, Erin; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen
2021Embodied Design for Mathematical Imagination and CognitionNathan, Mitchell J.; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Walkington, Candace; Abrahamson, Dor; Ottmar, Erin; Soto, Hortensia; Alibali, Martha W.
2020-06Equivalence Tasks in a Digital Algebraic Notation System Promotes Performance in Middle School MathematicsSawrey, Katharine; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Ottmar, Erin
2020-06For Good Measure: Identifying Student Measurement Estimation Strategies Through Actions, Language, and GestureHarrison, Avery; Smith, Hannah; Botelho, Anthony; Ottmar, Erin; Arroyo, Ivon
2023How and for Whom Does DragonBox12+ Support Math Learning? The Relation Between In-Game Progress and Math PerformanceChan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Byrne, Chloe; Jerusal, Janette; Liu, Allison S.; Ottmar, Erin
2022How Reward- And Error-Based Feedback Systems Create Micro-Failures to Support Learning StrategiesLiu, Allison S.; Vanacore, Kirk; Ottmar, Erin
2021-06Show the Flow: Visualizing Students’ Problem-Solving Processes in a Dynamic Algebraic Notation ToolLee, Ji-Eun; Stalin, Aravind; Ngo, Vy; Drzewiecki, Katie C.; Trac, Cindy; Ottmar, Erin
2022Student Profiling on Behavioral Patterns in an Online Mathematics Game: Clustering Using K-MeansNorum, Reilly; Lee, Ji-Eun; Ottmar, Erin
2022To Wait or Not to Wait: Adding to the Debate on Immediate Versus Delayed FeedbackSmith, Hannah; Ngo, Vy; Sales, Adam; Closser, Avery H.; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Ottmar, Erin
2021-06Worked Examples: Do Learning and Perceived Helpfulness Align?Closser, Avery H.; Smith, Hannah; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Trac, Cindy; Ottmar, Erin