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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Beyond epistemological deficits: Incorporating flexible epistemological views into fine-grained cognitive dynamicsGupta, Ayush; Elby, Andrew
2020-06Centering Relationships in STEM Disciplines: A Sociopolitical Lens on Teacher LearningWatkins, Jessica; Gravel, Brian; Tucker-Raymond, Eli; Olivares, Maria C.; Millner, Amon; Wright, Christopher G.; Celletti, Jessica; Likely, Rasheda; Miller, Mikhail; Radoff, Jennifer; Sohr, Erin Ronayne; Gupta, Ayush; de Royston, Maxine McKinney
2014-06Characterizing a New Dimension of Change in Attending and Responding to the Substance of Student ThinkingRichards, Jennifer; Elby, Andrew; Gupta, Ayush
2014-06Differing Notions of Responsive Teaching across Mathematics and Science: Does the Discipline Matter?Elby, Andrew; Richards, Jennifer; Walkoe, Janet; Gupta, Ayush; Russ, Rosemary S.; Luna, Melissa J.; Robertson, Amy; Coffey, Janet E.; Edwards, Ann R.; Sherin, Miriam; van Es, Elizabeth A.
2020-06Examining How Engineering Educators (Re)produce or Challenge Technocracy in Their Pedagogical ReasoningTurpen, Chandra; Radoff, Jennifer; Gupta, Ayush; Sabo, Hannah; Elby, Andrew
2014-06Finding Productivity in Design Task TinkeringQuan, Gina; Gupta, Ayush
2010-06Incorporating Affect in an Engineering Student's Epistemological DynamicsDanielak, Brian A.; Gupta, Ayush; Elby, Andrew
2018-07Knowledge Analysis Outside the STEM ClassroomAnderson, Eleanor; Gupta, Ayush; Philip, Thomas M.; Markauskaite, Lina; Kali, Yael; Goodyear, Peter; Hjorth, Arthur; Levrini, Olivia
2014-06Modeling the Dynamics of Ontological Reasoning in PhysicsMathis, Lele; Gupta, Ayush
2008-06Towards a Dynamic Model of Learners’ Ontologies in PhysicsGupta, Ayush; Hammer, David; Redish, Edward F.
2010-06Where to Find the Mind: Identifying the Scale of Cognitive DynamicsConlin, Luke; Gupta, Ayush; Hammer, David