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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Assessing Students’ Competencies With Mathematical Models in Virtual Science Inquiry InvestigationsAdair, Amy; Pedro, Michael Sao; Gobert, Janice; Owens, Jessica A.
2010-06Comparing Pedagogical Approaches for the Acquisition and Long-Term Robustness of the Control of Variables StrategyPedro, Michael Sao; Gobert, Janice; Raziuddin, Juelaila
2012-07A Data-driven Path Model of Student Attributes, Affect, and Engagement in a Computerbased Science Inquiry MicroworldHershkovitz, Arnon; Baker, Ryan; Gobert, Janice; Nakama, Adam
2016-07The Effect of Scaffolding on the Immediate Transfer of Students’ Data Interpretation Skills Within Science TopicsMoussavi, Raha; Gobert, Janice; Pedro, Michael Sao
2007-07Fostering Peer Collaboration with TechnologyGobert, Janice; Slotta, James; Clarke, Jody; Dede, Chris; Gijlers, Hannie; Saab, Nadira; van Joolingen, Wouter; de Jong, Ton; Koedinger, Ken
2012-07The Future of Assessment: Measuring Science Reasoning and Inquiry Skills Using Simulations and Immersive EnvironmentsDavenport, Jodi; Quellmalz, Edys; Clarke-Midura, Jody; Dede, Chris; Gobert, Janice; Koedinger, Kenneth; McCall, Marty; Timms, Michael
2014-06Identifying Transfer of Inquiry Skills across Physical Science Simulations using Educational Data MiningPedro, Michael Sao; Jiang, Yang; Paquette, Luc; Baker, Ryan S.; Gobert, Janice
2010-06Qualitative, Quantitative, and Data Mining Methods for Analyzing Log Data to Characterize Students' Learning Strategies and BehaviorsBaker, Ryan; Gobert, Janice; Azevedo, Roger; Roll, Ido; van Joolingen, Wouter
2021-06Supporting Students Remotely: Integrating Mathematics and Science in Virtual LabsDickler, Rachel; Sao, Michael; Adair, Amy; Gobert, Janice; Olsen, Joseph; Kleban, Jason; Betts, Cameron; Staudenraus, Charity; Roughan, Patrick
2018-07Unpacking Why Student Writing Does Not Match Their Science Inquiry Experimentation in Inq-ITSLi, Haiying; Gobert, Janice; Dickler, Rachel
2024Using AI-Based Assessment and Scaffolds to Identify Student Difficulties with Plotting Data and Modeling in Virtual Science LabsSegan, Ellie; Gobert, Janice; Pedro, Michael Sao; Adair, Amy; Owens, Jessica A.
2022Using Epistemic Network Analysis to Explore Discourse Patterns Across Design Iterations of a Teacher DashboardAdair, Amy; Owens, Jessica; Gobert, Janice
2006-06Using Log Files to Track Students' Model-based Inquiry in ScienceBuckley, Barbara; Gobert, Janice; Horwitz, Paul; Mansfield, Amie