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Title: Teacher Reflective Noticing and Scaffolding for Student-Driven Knowledge-Building Inquiry
Authors: Park, Hyejin
Zhang, Jianwei
Keywords: Learning Sciences
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Park, H. & Zhang, J. (2023). Teacher reflective noticing and scaffolding for student-driven knowledge-building inquiry. In Blikstein, P., Van Aalst, J., Kizito, R., & Brennan, K. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of the Learning Sciences - ICLS 2023 (pp. 1054-1057). International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: This study investigates a teacher’s noticing and scaffolding in two Grade 5 science classrooms based on knowledge building pedagogy. The teacher observed students’ inquiry and collaboration in the classrooms and online and kept weekly reflective journals to write about her noticing, reflection, and planning to scaffold deeper knowledge work. Qualitative analysis of the teacher’s journal entries in connection with classroom data generated a detailed temporal view of the teacher’s ongoing noticing, envisioning, and classroom actions, which responded to and further reshaped student-driven inquiry efforts. Through engaging in reflective noticing and envisioning of students’ knowledge building progress, the teacher can devise responsive support to scaffold ever-deepening inquiry processes in which students enact epistemic agency.
Description: Short Paper
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