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This volume contains the proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS 2023) under the theme “Building Knowledge and Sustaining our Community.” ICLS Proceedings features 105 long papers, 196 short papers, eight technology innovation papers, 21 practice-based papers, 244 posters, and 19 symposia. We have had submissions from 44 countries in all continents. The CSCL Proceedings features 21 long papers, 38 short papers, five technology innovation papers, 26 posters, three symposia, and two practice-oriented papers. We received 162 submissions from 36 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and America.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 651
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Collecting College Students’ Funds of Knowledge in a Language ProgramCruz-Gonzalez, Chris
2023Expanding and Focusing Infrastructuring Analysis for Informal STEM EducationHayden, Ronni; Hladik, Stephanie; Roque, Ricarose
2023An Investigation of Knowledge-Based AI vs. Human Evaluation in the Context of Academic Summary Evaluation: Similarities, Dissimilarities, and Being Toward Mutual UnderstandingsKim, Jinho; Haddadian, Golnoush; Kim, Min Kyu
2023Tortuga: Building Interactive Scaffolds for Agent-based Modeling and Programming in NetLogoChen, John; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2023Perspective Taking Interventions and Socioscientific Issues: The Case for Cautious OptimismKirk, Eric A.
2023A Test of Learning Progress Models Using an AI-Enabled Knowledge Representation SystemKim, Min Kyu; Kim, Nam Ju; Haddadian, Golnoush; Heidari, Ali
2023Detection of Goal Setting and Planning in Self-regulated Learning Using Machine Learning and Think-aloud ProtocolsLi, Shan; Zheng, Juan; Huang, Xiaoshan; Wang, Tingting; Lajoie, Susanne P.
2023Treading Lightly With Computing Education: Politicized Care as an Intervention of Black LifeJones, Stephanie T.; Moore, Shai; Vossoughi, Shirin
2023Preparing Teachers to Teach Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms: An Exploratory StudyZhang, Helen; Lee, Irene; Moore, Katherine
2023After-School Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Shifting Figured WorldsGordon, Vickie H.; Dang, An H.; Allen, Carrie D.
2023Theorizing Mathematical Unitizing Through Fiber CraftsPeppler, Kylie; Keune, Anna; Bender, Sophia; Yankova, Nickolina
2023Barriers to Reflective Learning: Perspectives of University Students and InstructorsBailie, Addisu Leyew; Gebre, Engida H.
2023“I Will Be Your Informant”: Observing Young People’s Emergent Critical Platform Literacy DevelopmentLogan, Charles; Vakil, Sepehr
2023Developing Teachers’ Contingent Responsiveness in Science Discussions With Mixed-Reality Simulation: A Design-Based StudyCao, Lydia Y.; Wegerif, Rupert; Hennessy, Sara; Dede, Chris
2023Designing for Feelings: Disruptive Beginnings in Youths’ Designs of Mixed Reality Activities for SustainabilityJen, Tessaly; Brady, Corey E.; Vogelstein, Lauren; Ayalon, Efrat
2023Science and Engineering for What? A Large-Scale Analysis of Students' Projects in Science FairsEloy, Adelmo; Ferraz, Thomas Palmeira; Alves, Fellip Silva; de Deus Lopes, Roseli
2023Decolonizing Climate Change Imagination: An “Engineering Fiction” Learning ExperienceReynante, Brandon; Marimuthu, Goutham
2023Examining Undergraduates’ Epistemic Emotions and Discourse Moves That Support Collective Knowledge Advancement in Knowledge BuildingFeng, Xueqi; Zhao, Jianhua; Yang, Yuqin; Chan, Carol K. K.
2023Against “Both Sides” Argumentation: Resisting Dehumanization in Intellectual CommunityVea, Tanner; Curnow, Joe; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Scipio, Déana
2023Future Imaginings for Teaching: Voices of Pre-Service Teachers From Marginalized CommunitiesAvila, Denisse; Keifert, D. Teo; Silva, Supuni Dhameera; Vlaamster, Theadora; Xiao, He; Fan, Xiaolu; Badran, Soad; Gentry, Andria; Lamothe, Mary
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 651