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Title: History Learning and Teaching Today: Learning What? Becoming What? By What Practice?
Authors: Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David
Pollack, Sarah
Fogo, Bradley
Goldberg, Tsafrir
O'Neill, D. Kevin
D'Amico, Laura
Guloy, Sheryl
Reisman, Avishag
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Kolikant, Y. B., Pollack, S., Fogo, B., Goldberg, T., O'Neill, D. K., D'Amico, L., Guloy, S., & Reisman, A. (2014). History Learning and Teaching Today: Learning What? Becoming What? By What Practice?. In Joseph L. Polman, Eleni A. Kyza, D. Kevin O'Neill, Iris Tabak, William R. Penuel, A. Susan Jurow, Kevin O'Connor, Tiffany Lee, and Laura D'Amico (Eds.). Learning and Becoming in Practice: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014. Volume 3. Colorado, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 1362-1371.
Abstract: History is intimately connected with personal and collective processes of becoming. It is also a field of contest among curriculum-makers, teachers, parents and scholars over who and what children will be; and this contest has greater consequences as our world grows more crowded and more connected. School curriculum-makers and teachers have never had a monopoly on what children learned about the past; but today, the Internet makes encounters with differing historical narratives ever more common. In this symposium, scholars from three countries (Israel, Canada and the United States) will come together around a collection of unique studies addressing the question of how teachers can be better prepared to help their students navigate the increasing challenges of learning and becoming in today's increasingly globalized and internetworked world.
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