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Title: Combining Generation and Expository Instruction to Prepare Students to Transfer Big Ideas Across School Topics
Authors: Glogger, Inga
Schalk, Lennart
Mazziotti, Claudia
Hallinen, Nicole R.
Barth, Armin
Schumacher, Ralph
Gaus, Katharina
Renkl, Alexander
Loibl, Katharina
Rummel, Nikol
Chin, Doris B.
Blair, Kristen P.
Schwartz, Daniel L.
McEldoon, Katherine
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Glogger, I., Schalk, L., Mazziotti, C., Hallinen, N. R., Barth, A., Schumacher, R., Gaus, K., Renkl, A., Loibl, K., Rummel, N., Chin, D. B., Blair, K. P., Schwartz, D. L., & McEldoon, K. (2014). Combining Generation and Expository Instruction to Prepare Students to Transfer Big Ideas Across School Topics. In Joseph L. Polman, Eleni A. Kyza, D. Kevin O'Neill, Iris Tabak, William R. Penuel, A. Susan Jurow, Kevin O'Connor, Tiffany Lee, and Laura D'Amico (Eds.). Learning and Becoming in Practice: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014. Volume 3. Colorado, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 1179-1188.
Abstract: Approaches combining generation and expository instruction have been shown to be beneficial for transfer. This symposium focuses on the approaches of inventing and productive failure. Both approaches delay expository instruction. Students are asked to work on a generation activity with a problem or with contrasting cases. This activity is aimed to foster transfer of the knowledge gained during subsequent expository instruction. The goal of the symposium is to contribute to a better understanding of how the generation activity is best designed to foster transfer. The contributions of this symposium varied the amount and type of generating by varying the materials (e.g., content of cases), the task (e.g., inventing vs. self- explaining), or the setting (collaborative vs. individual) of the generation activity. Mediating processes are also addressed. The symposium will clarify moderating conditions and mediating processes of how generation activities combined with expository instruction deploy their full potential.
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