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Title: Understanding Success in Library Makerspaces for Assessment Development
Authors: Saplan, Kailea
Abramovich, Samuel
Wardrip, Peter
Keywords: Learning Sciences
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Saplan, K., Abramovich, S., & Wardrip, P. (2022). Understanding success in library makerspaces for assessment development. In Chinn, C., Tan, E., Chan, C., & Kali, Y. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the Learning Sciences - ICLS 2022 (pp. 831-838). International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Makerspaces continue to grow in number and popularity and research on maker education has increased significantly, but most academic literature on maker education investigates the learning outcomes that are possible in these spaces (Mersand, 2021); fewer studies reflect an interest in understanding how we can recognize and assess learning outcomes for patrons (Lin et al., 2020). Current literature asserts that assessment in library makerspaces is a complex and thorny process because of the numerous learning goals and stakeholders that must be considered. This study confirms that success in these learning environments takes many forms. We introduce a Typology of Success that categorizes five types of success library staff value and want to assess. We also suggest an additional layer of complexity in assessment development may be due to the shifting nature of evidence of success that is dependent on the maker activity, the patron’s goals, and the patron’s disposition when it comes to facilitation.
Description: Long Paper
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