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dc.contributor.authorSchnaubert, Lenka
dc.contributor.authorLichte, Aron
dc.contributor.authorVogel, Freydis
dc.identifier.citationSchnaubert, L., Lichte, A., & Vogel, F. (2022). Interplay between group awareness and internal scripts: How information about knowledge and controversies triggers the activation of problem-solving script components. In Weinberger, A. Chen, W., Hernández-Leo, D., & Chen, B. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2022 (pp. 399-402). International Society of the Learning Sciences.en
dc.descriptionShort Paperen
dc.description.abstractCollaboration scripts and group awareness are two prominent factors for beneficial learning processes in CSCL. However, research mostly focuses on each factor independently. To inquire their mutual interaction, we investigate how different types of group awareness information affect the selection and configuration of collaboration script components. 167 participants were provided with either awareness information on knowledge distribution, controversies or no information on a potential learning group. They then selected activities they would want to conduct from a set of script components. Analyses showed that learners select a wide variety of strings of script components. More particularly, learners with information on controversies focus on negotiation-script components and learners with information on knowledge distribution on coordination-script components. This provides first indications of differential effects of group awareness information on script configuration. The integration of research on collaboration scripts and group awareness may provide more insights into psychological learning mechanisms in CSCL.en
dc.publisherInternational Society of the Learning Sciences
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2022, pp. 399-402
dc.titleInterplay Between Group Awareness and Internal Scripts: How Information About Knowledge and Controversies Triggers the Activation of Problem-Solving Script Componentsen
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