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Title: Teacher-Led Debriefing in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Pyramid Scripts
Authors: Amarasinghe, Ishari
Hernández-Leo, Davinia
Manathunga, Kalpani
Pérez, Jonathan Chacón
Dimitriadis, Yannis
Keywords: CSCL
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Amarasinghe, I., Hernández-Leo, D., Manathunga, K., Pérez, J. C., & Dimitriadis, Y. (2022). Teacher-led debriefing in computer-supported collaborative learning pyramid scripts. In Weinberger, A. Chen, W., Hernández-Leo, D., & Chen, B. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2022 (pp. 171-178). International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Debriefing is an integral part of orchestration and provides a space for teachers to review the learning experience. Although this concept is not new, little is known about how debriefing is conducted in scripted computer-supported collaborative learning situations, and its effects on students’ learning gains. Moreover, there is a lack of studies providing evidence of how learning analytics can be effectively utilised to support teacher-led debriefing. The objective of this study is twofold: Firstly, it studies how debriefing impacts students’ learning gains in Pyramid pattern-based learning situations. Secondly, it explores the types of learning analytics indicators that can support debriefing. Results indicated that debriefing can contribute to improve students’ learning gains, however, it does not always lead to the optimal outcomes and the type of task can have a major influence. Mechanisms such as semantic similarity score, knowledge graph visualisations and flag features are scrutinized as options to support debriefing.
Description: Long Paper
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