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dc.contributor.authorKnight, Simon
dc.contributor.authorThompson, Kate
dc.identifier.citationKnight, S. & Thompson, K. (2018). Developing a Text-Integration Task for Investigating and Teaching Interdisciplinarity in Science Teams. In Kay, J. and Luckin, R. (Eds.) Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count, 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2018, Volume 3. London, UK: International Society of the Learning Sciences.en_US
dc.description.abstractAbstract: Integrating information from multiple sources is an important literacy skill that involves: identifying intra and inter-textual ties; modeling relationships between sources and claims; and evaluation of the claims made. Tasks that involve reading, interpreting and synthesizing multiple sources have been explored particularly in the epistemic cognition literature. Interdisciplinarity is a growing area of interest in education, with commensurate interest in the learning sciences regarding the means by which we induct students into interdisciplinary ways of thinking and working. While interdisciplinary contexts frequently involve connecting multiple sources, from different disciplines, these text-integration tasks have not been well investigated.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc. [ISLS].en_US
dc.titleDeveloping a Text-Integration Task for Investigating and Teaching Interdisciplinarity in Science Teamsen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
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