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Title: Eliciting Student Explanations in an Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Course
Authors: Grinath, Anna Strimaitis
Southerland, Sherry A.
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc. [ISLS].
Citation: Grinath, A. S. & Southerland, S. A. (2018). Eliciting Student Explanations in an Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Course. In Kay, J. and Luckin, R. (Eds.) Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count, 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2018, Volume 3. London, UK: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Our research described discourse patterns during a planned elicitation discussion in an undergraduate biology laboratory course taught by undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs). We examined how discourse patterns changed from the first to the second semester of the TA’s appointment. Conference participants will discuss the usefulness of organizing discourse patterns within a two dimensional space along axis of TA talk moves for visualizing change in ambitious science teaching practice and the implications for TA professional development.
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