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Title: Engineering Girls Gone Wild: Developing an Engineering Identity in Digital Zoo
Authors: Svarovsky, Gina Navoa
Shaffer, David Williamson
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Svarovsky, G. N. & Shaffer, D. W. (2006). Engineering Girls Gone Wild: Developing an Engineering Identity in Digital Zoo. In Barab, S. A., Hay, K. E., & Hickey, D. T. (Eds.), The International Conference of the Learning Sciences: Indiana University 2006. Proceedings of ICLS 2006, Volume 2 (pp. 996-997). Bloomington, Indiana, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: In the Digital Zoo epistemic game, middle school girls work as engineers to design virtual, ambulatory creatures. The activities of the game were based on an ethnographic study of an undergraduate engineering design course. As a result of gameplay, the girls demonstrated an increase in thinking of themselves as engineers. Moreover, both the girls and undergraduates linked their engineering identity development to meeting with and getting feedback from external clients and experts.
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