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dc.contributor.authorBrockmann, Damien
dc.contributor.authorReimer, Todd C.
dc.identifier.citationBrockmann, D. & Reimer, T. C. (2006). East Austin Stories Exchange: Facilitating 'Empathy' for Differing Perspectives. In Barab, S. A., Hay, K. E., & Hickey, D. T. (Eds.), The International Conference of the Learning Sciences: Indiana University 2006. Proceedings of ICLS 2006, Volume 2 (pp. 896-897). Bloomington, Indiana, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe East Austin Stories Exchange is a web-based platform where junior high and high school students can share personal films about their community and empathize with the perspectives presented in other students' films. The goal of the project is to foster students' ability to incorporate perspectives different than one's own into a developing worldview. This poster presentation will present our needs assessment, design solutions, and demonstrate the Exchange's functionality.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Society of the Learning Sciencesen_US
dc.titleEast Austin Stories Exchange: Facilitating 'Empathy' for Differing Perspectivesen_US
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