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Title: Small-group Face-to-Face Discussions in the Classroom: A New Direction of CSCL Research
Authors: Van Diggelen, Wouter
Overdijk, and Maarten
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.
Citation: Van Diggelen, W. & Overdijk, a. (2007). Small-group Face-to-Face Discussions in the Classroom: A New Direction of CSCL Research. In Chinn, C. A., Erkens, G., & Puntambekar, S. (Eds.), The Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Conference 2007, Volume 8, Part 2 (pp. 726-735). New Brunswick, NJ, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: This paper presents a relatively new direction of CSCL research: small-group learning in the classroom. This research direction has received relatively little attention within the CSCL community. In this paper we explore the possibilities of collaborative technology in the classroom. We use the distinction between task-related and social-emotional interactions as a criterion for computer support. It is hypothesized that the students will use the collaborative technology purely for task-related interactions when the characteristics of the tool closely match the conditions for an effective task performance. It is assumed that these task-related interactions stimulate knowledge elaboration and learning within the student group. Our findings indicate that all computer- mediated interactions were task-related and facilitated knowledge elaboration. Oral communication was about the social-emotional aspects of the collaboration, and the planning and regulation of the collaborative activities.
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