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Title: Redefining Learning Goals of Very Long-Term Learning Across Many Different Fields of Activity
Authors: Miyake, Naomi
Pea, Roy
Barron, Brigid
Schwartz, Daniel L.
Martin, Lee
Hall, Rogers
Wright, Ken
Wieckert, and Karen
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.
Citation: Miyake, N., Pea, R., Barron, B., Schwartz, D. L., Martin, L., Hall, R., Wright, K., & Wieckert, a. (2007). Redefining Learning Goals of Very Long-Term Learning Across Many Different Fields of Activity. In Chinn, C. A., Erkens, G., & Puntambekar, S. (Eds.), The Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Conference 2007, Volume 8, Part 1 (pp. 26-35). New Brunswick, NJ, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: There is a hidden agenda in our modern conception of learning--especially as embodied in education--that the learning experiences gained in one "learning situation" are naturally built-upon, expanded, and integrated with experiences from other learning situations. But we believe this implicit learning assumption has not yet been as substantially researched or discussed as is warranted by its importance. Furthermore, little support has been implemented. In this symposium, in accordance with the conference theme which encourages us to explore interrelations among individual and social cognition with technology, we would help illuminate this hidden agenda. We would take some closer looks at cutting-edge research on knowledge integration of learning outcomes from different classes, across formal and informal learning settings, and for longer time periods than usually taken up by learning science research. We would then propose to define a new set of learning goals as assuring the portability, dependability, and sustainability of learning outcomes.
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