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Title: Is There Evidence for Expertise on Collaboration and if so, is it Domain-Specific or Domain-General?
Authors: Kiesewetter, Jan
Fischer, Martin R.
Fischer, Frank
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Kiesewetter, J., Fischer, M. R., & Fischer, F. (2013). Is There Evidence for Expertise on Collaboration and if so, is it Domain-Specific or Domain-General?. In Rummel, N., Kapur, M., Nathan, M., & Puntambekar, S. (Eds.), To See the World and a Grain of Sand: Learning across Levels of Space, Time, and Scale: CSCL 2013 Conference Proceedings Volume 2 — Short Papers, Panels, Posters, Demos & Community Events (pp. 62-64). Madison, WI: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: External scripts have been widely used to guide computer-supported collaborative learners, yet little attention has been given to the internal collaboration scripts. These internal scripts can contain procedural knowledge, which is elaborated, organized and flexible. Is there evidence for expertise on collaboration and, if so, is it domain-specific or domain-general? If there is expertise on collaboration the retrieval of rich internal collaboration scripts should be differentiable from the retrieval novices' scripts. In two studies collaborative experts and novices of the domains academia and medicine were confronted with stimuli, in which people were involved in, sometimes technology-supported, collaborative activities. To test for domain-specifity stimuli differed regarding the same vs other domain as the subject. The answers were subsequently coded. There is evidence for expertise on collaboration as the results show that experts retrieve more script-like information overall. The difference was significant for stimuli regarding the same content domain, thus indicating domain-specifity.
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