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Title: Friendship, Participation, and Site Design in Interest-Driven Learning among Adolescents
Authors: Cartun, Ashley
Kirshner, Ben
Price, Emily
York, Adam
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Cartun, A., Kirshner, B., Price, E., & York, A. (2014). Friendship, Participation, and Site Design in Interest-Driven Learning among Adolescents. In Joseph L. Polman, Eleni A. Kyza, D. Kevin O'Neill, Iris Tabak, William R. Penuel, A. Susan Jurow, Kevin O'Connor, Tiffany Lee, and Laura D'Amico (Eds.). Learning and Becoming in Practice: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014. Volume 1. Colorado, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 348-353.
Abstract: Increasingly, learning scientists are recognizing the importance of studying and analyzing learning across the multiple settings of youths' lives. We hypothesize that the potential for positive long-term outcomes for youth in interest-powered learning environments is shaped by the degree to which programs cultivate personal connections that can expand access and strengthen participation in settings rich with resources for interest development. To investigate this hypothesis, we draw on evidence collected by youth researchers as part of a study of five learning environments that aim to support cross-setting pursuit of interests. Findings from this study support claims that youth do facilitate access to valued learning spaces for their peers, and that friendships can be central to sustaining interest in activities. The data from this youth ethnographic study supports placing a priority on relationships, as well as content, within sites for interest driven learning.
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