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Title: Interaction Analysis of Student Teams Enacting the Practices of Collaborative Dynamic Geometry
Authors: Stahl, Gerry
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Stahl, G. (2014). Interaction Analysis of Student Teams Enacting the Practices of Collaborative Dynamic Geometry. In Joseph L. Polman, Eleni A. Kyza, D. Kevin O'Neill, Iris Tabak, William R. Penuel, A. Susan Jurow, Kevin O'Connor, Tiffany Lee, and Laura D'Amico (Eds.). Learning and Becoming in Practice: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014. Volume 3. Colorado, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 1697-1697.
Abstract: Analyze evidence of mathematical learning in a CSCL approach. Make collaborative learning, group cognition and formation of team practices visible in the discourse. Conduct fine-grained interaction analysis of logs across a sequence of chat sessions using the Virtual Math Teams collaboration environment incorporating multi-user dynamic- geometry software. Analyze changes in the student team's ability to engage in collaboration, software usage, geometry construction, problem solving, mathematical reasoning, design of geometric dependency and creative exploration underlying practices of collaborative dynamic geometry. Join researchers and experienced interaction analysts to discuss data from this long-term design-based-research CSCL effort. Details and materials: Contact:
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