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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Analysis of Small Group Interactions in a Seamless Language Learning Environment: An Artifact-Oriented ApproachWong, Lung-Hsiang; Chen, Wenli; Zhan, Ying; Chin, Chee-Kuen
2010-06An Analysis of the Interactional Patterns in One-to-One and One -to- Many Collaborative Concept Mapping ActivitiesLin, Chiu-Pin; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Liu, Tzu-Chien; Shao, Yin-Juan
2016-07Designing Learning Contexts Using Student-Generated IdeasLam, Rachel; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Gaydos, Matthew; Huang, Jun Song; Kapur, Manu; Seah, Lay Hoon; Tan, Michael; Bielaczyc, Katerine; Sandoval, William
2012-07Exploratory Study on the Physical Tool-based Conceptions of Learning of Young Students in a Technology-Rich Primary SchoolWong, Lung-Hsiang; Jan, Mingfong; Toh, Yancy; Chai, Ching-Sing
2012-07The Impacts of Flexible Grouping in a Mobile-Assisted Game-based Chinese Character Learning ApproachWong, Lung-Hsiang; Hsu, Ching-Kun; Sun, Jizhen; Boticki, Ivica
2011-06Improving the mCSCL Approach of a Mobile Chinese Character Forming Game via a Design-based Research CycleWong, Lung-Hsiang; Boticki, Ivica; Sun, Jizhen; Looi, Chee-Kit
2010-06Students' Meaning Making in a Mobile Assisted Chinese Idiom Learning EnvironmentWong, Lung-Hsiang; Chin, Chee-Kuen; Tan, Chee-Lay; Liu, May; Gong, Cheng
2009-06V.S.P.O.W.: An Innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung-Hsiang; Chin, Chee-Kuen; Chen, Wenli; Gao, Ping