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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Can Mental Rotation Predict Performance in an Online Geometry Assignment?Smith, Hannah; Ramey, Kay; Heffernan, Neil; Uttal, David
2023Computational Thinking Practices at Play in an Early Childhood MicroworldReimer, Paul N.; Smith, Hannah
2023Designing to Disrupt While Encountering Disruption: Engaging With the Unexpected in Educational Research and PracticeStamatis, Kristina M.; Clarke, Sherice N.; Polman, Joseph L.; Gates, Zaynab; Lee, Ung-Sang; Van, Marcus; Nagashima, Tomohiro; Yadav, Gautam; Aleven, Vincent; Oswald, Emily; Esborg, Line; Pierroux, Palmyre; Riedy, Robbin; Farrell, Caitlin; Penuel, William R.; Resnick, Alison; Singleton, Corinne; S, Sushil; Sommer, Stephen; Tran, Trang C.; Palomar, Marlene; Mckoy, Ashieda; Ortega, Brenda Aguirre; Palomar, Fabiola; Tran, Trang B.; Widman, Sari; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Closser, Avery H.; Ngo, Vy; Smith, Hannah; Liu, Allison S.; Ottmar, Erin R.; Yu, Junnan
2023Designing Worked Examples for Dynamic Learning Technologies: The Effects of Action and Self-ExplanationClosser, Avery H.; Smith, Hannah; Ottmar, Erin; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen
2020-06For Good Measure: Identifying Student Measurement Estimation Strategies Through Actions, Language, and GestureHarrison, Avery; Smith, Hannah; Botelho, Anthony; Ottmar, Erin; Arroyo, Ivon
2022-09Perceptual Learning in Math: Implications for Educational Research, Practice, and TechnologyClosser, Avery H.; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Smith, Hannah; Ottmar, Erin R.
2022To Wait or Not to Wait: Adding to the Debate on Immediate Versus Delayed FeedbackSmith, Hannah; Ngo, Vy; Sales, Adam; Closser, Avery H.; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Ottmar, Erin
2021-06Worked Examples: Do Learning and Perceived Helpfulness Align?Closser, Avery H.; Smith, Hannah; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Trac, Cindy; Ottmar, Erin