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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-12An analysis of growth patterns in computer conferencing threadsHewitt, Jim; Teplovs, Chris
2022At the Heart of Learning: Affect, Identity and CareRaman, Preeti; Khan, Rubaina; Slotta, James D.; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhu, Gaoxia; Hewitt, Jim; Strobel, Johannes; Romkey, Lisa; Singer, Michal; Hod, Yotam; Yang, Yuqin
2002-01Design Principles for Educational SoftwareKali, Yael; Bos, Nathan; Linn, Marcia; Underwood, Jody; Hewitt, Jim
2020-06Emotional and Cognitive Affordances of Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsZhu, Gaoxia; Teo, Chew Lee; Scardamalia, Marlene; Badron, Mohamed Faizal; Martin, Kit; Raman, Preeti; Hewitt, Jim; Teo, Tang Wee; Tan, Aik Ling; Ng, Andy; Nazeem, Raadiyah; Donoahue, Zoe; Lai, Zhixin; Ma, Leanne; Woodruff, Earl
2011-06Engaging Learners in the Identification of Key Ideas in Complex Online DiscussionsHewitt, Jim; Brett, Clare
2010-06Knowledge eCommons: Merging Computer Conferencing and WikisHewitt, Jim; Woodruff, Earl
2021-06Please Introduce Yourself: Exploring Student Identity in Academic Online SpacesRaman, Preeti; Soliman, Dina; Hewitt, Jim
2013-06A Study of Private Messaging Within an Asynchronous Discussion EnvironmentHewitt, Jim; Brett, Clare; MacKinnon, Kim
2012-07Synthesizing Quantitative Predictors for Interaction in an Asynchronous Online CourseZingaro, Daniel; Oztok, Murat; Hewitt, Jim
2002-01Teacher Candidate Perceptions of Telementoring in Knowledge ForumHewitt, Jim