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Title: Collaborative Remembering, temporal cement of Collaborative Learning: An Exploration
Authors: Bietti, Lucas
Baker, Michael
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS)
Citation: Bietti, L. & Baker, M. (2019). Collaborative Remembering, temporal cement of Collaborative Learning: An Exploration. In Lund, K., Niccolai, G. P., Lavoué, E., Hmelo-Silver, C., Gweon, G., & Baker, M. (Eds.), A Wide Lens: Combining Embodied, Enactive, Extended, and Embedded Learning in Collaborative Settings, 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) 2019, Volume 2 (pp. 601-604). Lyon, France: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: This theoretical paper explores the relations between two fields of research: collaborative remembering and collaborative learning. We argue that collaborative remembering processes scaffold collaborative learning and that both unfold over multiple and complementary timescales. These timescales help to maintain joint focus and continuity over successive learning sequences. In conclusion, we discuss implications of integrating collaborative remembering research into the design of CSCL situations.
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