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Title: An Environment for Supporting Independent, Individualized Learning and Problem
Authors: Williams, Susan M.
Bareiss, Ray
Reiser, Brian J.
Issue Date: Jul-1996
Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Citation: Williams, S. M., Bareiss, R., & Reiser, B. J. (1996). An Environment for Supporting Independent, Individualized Learning and Problem. In Edelson, D. C. & Domeshek, E. A. (Eds.), International Conference on the Learning Sciences, 1996 (pp. 332-338). Evanston, IL, USA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).
Abstract: We have been investigating ways of supporting middle-school students who are learning mathematics by constructing unique solutions to complex problems. This work addresses three needs in supporting independent, individualized learning and problem solving: realistic, complex contexts for learning, structured problem-solving activities that make complex problems more manageable for novices, and readily-available guidance for students during problem solving. Leaming is problem-based. Students are asked to design and layout a playground in order to learn to measure, draw to scale, and compute perimeter, area, and volume. The curriculum encourages an iterative approach to problem solving in which students create designs, give each other feedback, and revise their work. To support their problem solving, a software environment provides a simple model of the design task that aids students in identifying sub-goals, brainstorming questions that provide general procedural hints, and two structured multimedia databases: A student database is used to record students' designs, annotated with procedures used, new concepts learned, design rationale, and evaluations.Aperformance support database provides an archive of previously created designs with associated conceptual and procedural information.
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