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Title: A Reform-based Framework for Observing Teaching
Authors: Schneider, Rebecca
Krajcik, Joseph
Blumenfeld, Phyllis
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Citation: Schneider, R., Krajcik, J., & Blumenfeld, P. (2004). A Reform-based Framework for Observing Teaching. In Kafai, Y. B., Sandoval, W. A., Enyedy, N., Nixon, A. S., & Herrera, F. (Eds.), International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2004: Embracing Diversity in the Learning Sciences (pp. 465-472). Santa Monica, CA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Abstract: For research on teaching to succeed in providing meaningful information, a method to examine teaching in complex classroom settings that is also feasible on a larger scale is needed. Our goal was to design a systematic method for observing classroom teaching that was consistent with reform recommendations and adaptable to large scale use. Our work is embedded in an ongoing urban systemic initiative of a large public school district to reform science and mathematics education. Middle school teachers' enactments of a reform-based science unit were videotaped. Student achievement measures included low, medium, and high cognitive level items developed to match science concepts addressed the unit. Analysis identified specific criteria within seven main analysis categories consistent with reform oriented instructional practices were associated with students' achievement scores. Ideas for adapting this framework to large scale use are discussed.
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