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Title: Learning behind the Scenes: Development of Mentors through their Participation in Design Research
Authors: Oshima, Jun
Oshima, Ritsuko
Ishiyama, Taku
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Citation: Oshima, J., Oshima, R., & Ishiyama, T. (2004). Learning behind the Scenes: Development of Mentors through their Participation in Design Research. In Kafai, Y. B., Sandoval, W. A., Enyedy, N., Nixon, A. S., & Herrera, F. (Eds.), International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2004: Embracing Diversity in the Learning Sciences (pp. 388-395). Santa Monica, CA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Abstract: We report how our design group members as mentors developed their pedagogical content knowledge and epistemology through their participation in design research practice. In designing a pre-service teacher course curriculum for four years, we have been also concerned with a hidden curriculum for mentors to develop their knowledge in their community. Based on twelve determinants of knowledge building community (Scardamalia, 2002), we embodied four design frameworks for our design group as a dynamic knowledge building community: (1) learning through participation in authentic problem solving, (2) learning through collaboration, (3) learning by taking collective cognitive responsibility, and (4) learning by explaining. Results of analyses on two students who succeeded in developing pedagogical content knowledge and epistemology manifested that their development was based on the change in authenticity to participate in the practice (from preparation for future teaching work to engagement in the design research) and their concerns with the organizational structure of the design group as a community of practice.
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