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Title: Supporting and Tracking Collective Cognition in Wikis
Authors: Pierroux, Palmyre
Rasmussen, Ingvill
Lund, Andreas
Smørdal, Ole
Stahl, Gerry
Larusson, Johann
Alterman, Richard
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.
Citation: Pierroux, P., Rasmussen, I., Lund, A., Smørdal, O., Stahl, G., Larusson, J., & Alterman, R. (2008). Supporting and Tracking Collective Cognition in Wikis. In Kanselaar, G., Jonker, V., Kirschner, P. A., & Prins, F. J. (Eds.), International Perspectives in the Learning Sciences: Cre8ing a learning world. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference for the Learning Sciences – ICLS 2008, Volumes 3 (pp. 330-337). Utrecht, The Netherlands: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: At Brandeis, several courses have used a wiki-based collaborative learning environment, the WikiDesignPlatform (WDP), to support class work. The WDP can be coupled with other components, like a mailbox, and it provides a number of features that support navigation, awareness, and help users to organize the wiki site. The WDP automatically produces complete transcripts of the online collaborative activity. With the aid of the WikiPlayer analysis tool students can examine these transcripts, explore different theoretical frameworks while practicing a variety of methods and techniques of analysis. In our talk we will demonstrate both the WDP and the WikiPlayer.
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