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Title: Unfolding experienced teachers’ pedagogical practices in technology-enhanced collaborative learning
Authors: Lakkala, Minna
Ilomaki, Liisa
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Lakkala, M. & Ilomaki, L. (2011). Unfolding experienced teachers’ pedagogical practices in technology-enhanced collaborative learning. In Spada, H., Stahl, G., Miyake, N., & Law, N. (Eds.), Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL2011 Conference Proceedings. Volume I — Long Papers (pp. 502-509). Hong Kong, China: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Several studies address the problem that the pedagogically meaningful usage of technology does not propagate easily; new methods for teacher training are needed. One method is to distribute experienced teachers' cultivated practices as examples, but good ways of presenting the essential aspects of these exemplary practices should be developed. The study examined how two experienced primary teachers constructed technology-enhanced collaborative learning units in order to document these examples as training materials. The first case was an inquiry project in biology; the second case focused on the virtual publishing of a Web journal. The Pedagogical Infrastructure Framework, including technical, social, epistemological and cognitive components, was applied in the analysis. The results revealed that experienced teachers planned long-term, goal-oriented processes consisting of well- organized activities where various elements of the pedagogical infrastructure were coherently integrated, which provided pupils with the possibility to practice challenging technical and academic skills in a meaningful context. Based on the analysis, ideas for the further development of teacher training materials are discussed.
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